Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015!

Last week the kids had parties and egg hunts with their classrooms. Rachel's teacher had asked me to bring in a special snack for Easter. So I looked for ideas on Pinterest (of course ;) I did chocolate pudding cups with crushed cookies on top, and a peep on top and an orange jelly bean, so it looked like a bunny in dirt with a carrot. I think they were cute. They were all out of all the colors of peeps except pink, so I did that, but I think it was ok ;) I also made a snack mix with pretzel sticks, mini marshmellows, and jelly beans. Put it in little bags with a tag on them that said "Bunny Bait." And the kids were able to take them home for later. Rachel was excited for me to come by and be in her class for awhile, she gave me a big smile and wave when I got there :) Her friends seemed to like the special snacks, too. It was fun.. I need to get more involved in her class stuff :)

Saturday morning we went to an easter get-together at a local church. Shana, Erika, Karla, and all the kids came along. First they split up the age levels and they had egg hunts. All the eggs were empty or had slips of paper in them, and the kids won prizes and got candy at the end, to make it more fair. Rachel didn't find any prize slips, so her friend Kenzie and Brooke shared with her :) They also played games in the gym for awhile. I'm glad we weren't outside for long, because it was SO windy out there! After all the activities finished up, they had hotdogs, popcorn, cupcakes and drinks for everyone. Then they played a short video about Easter and had a devotional. They also had drawings for prizes, and Rachel won! All the kids seemed to have a great time :)

Sunday I had to work at three Easter services at church, so we had to get up extra early... the kids got up easily though, because they were excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought :) After they looked through their goodies, we got them dressed in their outfits, then Arnold and I got ready. We were in such a rush and I realized on the way to church that I was so hungry. So Arnold dropped me off at church and he went down the road to get us some breakfast to bring back. We ended up not having any kids at the special 8AM service! I got to still cuddle a sweet little baby though, of one of the other workers :) Arnold let the kids go play the Wii in his classroom for awhile, so they were happy :) Around 9:15 people started coming in for service. We ended up with about 8 or 9 kids for each service, which was decent but better than I expected because I thought we would be packed! Arnold was able to help me out in the services, so I am very thankful for that! We had several grumpy kids this week, lol!

After church we went over to Mom and Dad's for lunch. Lunch wasn't ready yet, so we went outside to take family pictures like we do every year. Then Mom and Dad set up an egg hunt for the kids in the backyard. They found eggs full of change and slips of paper my mom had made up for activities like "picnic at park," and "trip to the movies" that she will do with them this coming spring and summer. I thought that was really neat! She also got all the kids a new book for their collections and a little bit of candy. The girls got little ducks that "pooped" out candy and they thought that was hilarious.. lol :) Then we had lunch.. so yummy.. Mom made ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, broccoli with cheese sauce, deviled eggs, rolls, tea, and lemonade. She also made strawberry cupcakes. We were all stuffed when it was all over with! 

After we had spent some time over there we went by Arnold's parents house for awhile to visit them, too. Then we went home and put up a bunch of leftovers, and took some naps! It was a great afternoon! ;) Sunday night I watched another new episode of Call the Midwife before I went to bed. 

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter!!! :)

Treats I made for Rachel's Kindy class

3 of my closest friends! At the egg hunt on Saturday.

Rachel won a prize and was so excited!

I took some pics of Shana and Shaylee hunting eggs :)

The Easter Bunny visited our house!

My cuties read for church! I loved Rachel's smocked dress and huge bow! 

Rachel drew and wrote this herself at church! So sweet!

Just hanging with my boys!! 

Our family picture!

Rachel had fun hunting eggs at Grandma and Pop Pop's house!

A yummy Easter lunch! And my dad made fun of me for taking this pic! ;)

Rachel was so happy with her Hideaway pet! She had wanted one forever!

Brooke got a new outfit for her American Girl doll :)

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