Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday 5!!


Rachel and Brooke are going with Arnold to a Father/Daughter dance put on by on church, Saturday night. I found a purple sparkly dress for Brooke, for a great price. Rachel has lots of dresses but they are more casual, so she wanted something "fancier." I didn't want to spend a lot so I went by Once Upon A Child consignment last night on my way home and found the cutest peach dress I knew she'd love. When I was leaving, a bright dress caught my eye. It was a Lilly Pulitzer dress in her size!!! For only $6.50! I had to get it, it was too cute. I wasn't one of the crazies outside Target Sunday morning, but I do like her stuff :)


Who else saw Grey's last night??? Oh... my... goodness. It was such an emotional episode. I bawled like a baby the last ten minutes. I can't believe Shonda Rhimes did that! Eeek! I won't say much on here in case someone hasn't watched it yet... anyway, I am sad. Next week looks like it's going to be another emotional episode.. and 2 hours! So get ready....


The other night they had an art show in the gym for parents to come to, to see the kids' artwork they had done this year in Art Club, and have some refreshments, and hang out. Brooke and Caleb decided to do the art club this year. We got to see all their art-- I especially liked the owls ;) Then we got to take everything home in a folder to keep. They had a lot of fun. Maybe Rachel will want to be in the club next year. She is always drawing at home!!


I had to throw a shoutout to my friend Naomi, who goes to my church. She wrote a devotional! Isn't that cool? It's a 21 day process, which "examines 21 different paradoxes in the Bible." I am getting it for my Kindle. It is available on Amazon for kindle and in paperback. Everyone check it out! Naomi is a very gifted speaker, and I have enjoyed hearing her in the past at womens' events. In side note-- she has the cutest son EVER, who I get to watch in childcare ;) But really--- check out her book!!!! :)

I am on COUNTDOWN bigtime now... my new niece is due in 2 weeks or less! Her name is going to be Ava!! Isn't that pretty? I keep waiting for a phone call! When she arrives I will be traveling to Florida with my parents to visit for a weekend or so. Arnold will be holding down the fort here, watching the kids and helping out at church while i'm gone! So yall be praying for safe travels for us, and SANITY for Arnold.. haha! I cannot wait to get my hands on my new niece!!! :)

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