Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend in Review!

Friday morning I went to the kids' school to see their awards ceremonies. Now that Brooke is in the 3rd grade, I have to stay for 2 ceremonies and it's a long morning, but I love going. Arnold had to go on into work so he couldn't make it, but his parents were able to come, too. Brooke and Rachel both got recognized for Citizen of the Month, and Brooke got the AR reader award. Caleb thought he had gotten his AR reader award too, but he was just under his goal, so he was bummed out :( I felt bad for him. Brooke watched one of her best friends stand up for A honor roll, then win a mini Ipad for a raffle they did. She went up to her afterwards and said MAN! you must be one lucky kid! LOL ;) 

My parents were going on a week vacation and wanted us all to go with them but I had work 2 times over the weekend and some stuff going on, so they asked if they could take the kids. We said of course! ;) The kids were so excited to go. They left right after school. I packed up all their stuff and kept worrying I was forgetting something. Rachel was the only one who kept saying "I will miss you!"-- the other two seemed ready to leave! ;) After they left, it felt so strange and lonely in the house... even Sheldon seemed to wonder where his kids where, because he sat by the door whining for a little while after they left.

That evening I had to work childcare, so Arnold and I decided to meet up for dinner before. We went to Hannah's BBQ that is pretty close to where I was working. It was nice to have a meal together, in peace, without kids whining and making a mess. But I was already missing them and talking about them anyway! I had a BBQ sandwich, and it was good but spicy! 

I then headed to church.. we were working an event called INSPIRE that was for ladies. I was supposed to sort of bounce between classrooms and make sure everything was going ok, but a few people called out of work so I ended up staying with the bigger kids and helping out. We had 18 kids aged 4-8! Let's just say it was a madhouse in there. At one point there were several girls drawing, boys running around chasing each other, a veggie tales cd on full blast, and three very crazed workers, haha. Thankfully the rain had died down some so we were able to take them outside for awhile to play on the playground. The event ended up going over, so we were there for close to 4 hours instead of 3 hours. Good for the pay, but leads to being exhausted! ;) At the end of the evening, one of the little girls came up to me and gave me a picture of a big, colorful heart, and then gave me a big hug :) It made me feel so special! I am used to working with the babies and toddlers, and they don't ever exactly say thanks for taking care of me ;) (but I LOVE IT!) but it was cool to have an older child show me that I made a difference. I love my job! :)

Saturday morning Arnold and I got to sleep in! We slept until after 9am, then spent another hour in bed just hanging out and on our tablets. We were lazy! :) Then we got ready and went to lunch at Olive Garden. We knew since we had a lunch date we would go to one of our favorite places! :) After lunch I had some time to kill before I met up with my friends, so we went to a few stores. Then we tried the new flavor of freeze drinks at Taco Bell-- Sour Patch redberry. I love sour patch candy, but didn't like the drink. It was too sour, left my mouth so dry, and turned my mouth and hands red! eek!

At 3:30 I met up with 3 of my best friends at the nail place. I had a full set of gel nails put on. I somehow got talked into a hand massage while I was there, and nail design. I ended up with mint green nails and some white/silver accents.. and I love them! I also got my eyebrows waxed while I was there-- they are the only people I trust! We were there over 2 hours but it was a nice afternoon of pampering. 

Then we met up with 2 more of my best friends at Wild Wok, for my evening of trying SUSHI!! I wasn't really excited that day, because I was afraid I wouldn't like it. I had even eaten a big lunch in case ;) Everyone gave me suggestions of what to get, and I ended up trying the California roll. I also got a meal with other things too, like an egg roll and rice. I tried to eat it and Erika said I did it wrong-- oops! I bit into it and she said I was just supposed to pop it into my mouth. I also tried using chop sticks but gave up on that quickly! Erika was photographing it all and they were all laughing, and I'm sure people around us thought were crazy!! But I don't care. I had a BLAST! I didn't care too much for the sushi, but I am glad I tried it, and it's another item marked off my list! And I laughed until my stomach hurt, and got to spend the evening with my very best friends, so it was an amazing night. I needed that! :)

When I got home, Arnold had mowed the lawn and did some cleaning up.. so sweet :) The kids called and we got to say Hi to them and hear about what they were doing. Then Arnold realized he hadn't gotten any dinner yet, so we went out to get him some fried chicken. Actually he was about to go himself, then I realized no kids were there, so I hopped up and went with him! Strange! :)

Sunday it POURED rain all day. It was yucky. But we still had lots of kids in childcare. This was the last Sunday our preacher was preaching :( They are moving, and we are going to miss them so much! Lots of people were there to see them! I worked the first service, but 2nd service I had tons of help, so I got to go into service with my friend Shana! I was so excited because I don't get to go see the actual service much anymore.. I am so busy with the babies! :) We got to see 2 baptisms also (actually 3 because 2 of them were twin baby girls who were PRECIOUS!!) SO sweet!

After we got out of church, Arnold and I headed to Asheville to meet mom and Dad. Since they were so far away we decided to meet halfway to pick up the kids. We met at a TGI Friday's and all had lunch together. I hopped out of the van and ran to give all of them big hugs! They had a great time, but they missed us ;) They told us all about their weekend, and they all had a great time. They got to go swimming, stay up late, play games, feed squirrels, and eat grandma's yummy cooking. Sounds good to me! ;) On the way back the kids watched a movie on the van dvd player and I fell asleep! This weekend kicked my butt! But it was very memorable and I had a great time! And I can't wait to have another girls' day in the near future! ;)

Having lunch with Arnold on saturday

My beautiful nails! Getting used to them!

My best friends all in one place! That never happens! I'm so blessed!

Trying the sushi!

Jess helped me out and just popped it into my mouth, haha!!

Erika made sure to capture all my silly faces ;)

We have been friends for nearly 14 years!! 

We have been friends for over 18 years! amazing! :)

We got the kiddos home Sunday evening! I was so happy to have them back! :)

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