Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday!

The Lily Pulitzer for Target collection is coming out on Sunday! It will probably go really fast.. which makes me sad.. because after Saturday I probably won't have extra money! But I LOVE the stuff. Oh my goodness.. I especially love the purses and sandals! I wish I could get it all!

Rachel received Citizen of the Month award for her Kindergarten class! I am so proud of her! All 3 kids will get something at their school awards ceremony tomorrow, and I'm excited to go watch :)

This is the bathing suit I bought Brooke.. from Crazy 8. I love the fun prints and colors. We only do 1-pieces for our girls, for modesty. I love that they had some cute ones this year!

Just finished this book! It was one I had been wanting to read anyway, and found it on clearance online at Barnes and Noble-- score! It was really good! That one made the 25th book I have read this year. I am pretty behind..  usually I read more! 

Picked this yummy goodness up the other day at the grocery store-- my favorite kind of icecream! It is even more fun buying food now and putting it in our new fridge/freezer ;)

Saw this online the other day-- and it's so true!!! 

I can't WAIT to see tonight's Grey's episode! I am going to rush home from the PCC to watch it with Hubby. Anyone else dying to know where Derek is?! I have read all sorts of rumors online-- you never know with Shonda Rimes! Who knows what she will do to him! I LOOOOVE McDreamy!

~My new niece is due in less than 4 weeks! I am on major countdown now! They had a tiny bit of a scare recently.. but everything is ok, and they are at home! Whenever she makes her appearance I am on my way to Florida with Mom and Dad! It will be a long trip, but it will be worth it! Can't wait to hold her in my arms! And see my brother as a Daddy to his new little girl... awwwww :)

~Arnold and I have gotten into the good habit of reading the Bible together every night before we go to bed! And praying together too! I love it! It has already brought us much closer together! I can see changes! And I love it! God is the way to strengthen your marriage! And the family devotions we do with the kids every night seem to be having a positive impact on them as well!

~This weekend my parents are taking the kids with them out of town! Yes, for the whole weekend! I am going to miss them, but I can't wait for time with hubby, time with friends, and time to just relax! We can sleep in however late we want to Saturday!! Amazing!! :)

~Speaking of this weekend, I can't wait until Girls' day on Saturday! I am going with some of my very best friends Saturday night to try SUSHI for the first time! I know, it has taken me forever to do, but it's time! My friend is even taking pictures of the occasion, so I will have it documented! ha! Before that I am going to get my nails done.. I haven't done that in forever! And before that I am getting to go on a lunch date with hubby! I am so ready for a day of pampering and fun!

~Today I went to school to have lunch with Rachel! I surprised her, so when she walked in the cafeteria she smiled really big! It was so sweet! She kept looking over at me and smiling while she was getting her lunch. She came and sat with me on the stage, and we talked. I bought her some icecream for dessert, for a special treat. I am going back another day to have lunch with the big kids, because their lunches are so spread apart. I am glad I made time to go because they love it so much! :)

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