Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend in Review!

Friday the kids were still out for Spring break, so I decided to get together with Erika and get out and do something. She had two extra kids with her Friday, so we ended up taking 7 kids out! Everywhere we went we had a little line of kids with us... people would look at us... haha :) We were like THEY AREN"T ALL OUR'S!! ;) We took them to Mc Donald's to have lunch. The kids got happy meals and were bummed they got the same "Home" toy as last time! :( We let them play outside in the play area for awhile to let them run off some energy. Then we went over to Hickory Dickory Dock. We bought some tokens and let them play games for awhile. Rachel and Kenzie were perfectly happy dancing around on the dance machine with no tokens in though ;) The kids then took their tickets and picked out some prizes. Caleb hadn't played games to win tickets, so he didn't have any.. but Brooke shared ;) Then we let them run wild in the soft play area while Erika and I talked. Poor Shaylee couldn't handle it and passed out before playtime was over. Erika put in an order for fried pickles. It was a crazy time, but at least we all had fun ;)

Friday evening Erika and I went to the movies. But before I met up with her I went to Cato's to look for something to wear for our family pics. Can you believe that's the first time I had ever been in there?! I loved their stuff! I found a pretty shirt for pictures, and some earrings to match. They have some great prices! I also saw a purse I loved, and some other things, but decided to stop myself before I went too wild ;) I did find a gold watch I loved though, at the checkout counter, and got that too.. I had been looking for one!

I met Erika at the movies around 7:45. We went to see THE LONGEST RIDE which is the latest Nicholas Sparks movie. We go see all his movies together! We are each other's dates ;) Arnold told Caleb he didn't want to go see that one because it was a "chick flick" and Caleb said WHAT IS A CHICK FLICK?! haha. I had read the book 2 Christmases ago when my Mom got it for me, and know I stayed up so late finishing it, and loved it. I had kind-of forgotten what it was all about, but remembered when the movie went on. The lead guy playing the cowboy was HOTTT! (sorry Arnold ;) The movie was really good! I loved the story, and it was very sweet. Of COURSE we were crying at the end, and thankfully Erika lent me some tissues ;) We also shared a bucket of popcorn! ;) There were actually several guys in there with their girls... see Arnold-- you missed out! ;)

Saturday morning we took the kids to a birthday party for one of the little girls I watch on Friday nights! It was held at a local park and picnic shelter. I love all the people we have met through church and my childcare job! Turns out Arnold went to highschool with the little girl's dad, and we just figured that out! He knew several guys at the party from highschool-- it was weird because usually I'm the one who knows everyone ;) It was a gorgeous day for a party! The kids got to play on the playground and in the sand. Arnold even took them on a walk down the trail. They cooked out hotdogs to eat for lunch. I got to sit with several friends and chat. Sounds like a perfect morning to me ;)

Later that afternoon we went to a place not too far away from us, to  get family pictures done. It was at a place that was a park and also had some waterfalls-- it was beautiful! I can't believe I never knew it existed before then! A friend of our's has started doing pictures and we asked her to take some for us, since it had been 2 years since we had any done! Everyone wore new outfits that I had picked out! The kids were restless and wanting to play, but I guess they did pretty well, considering. We got several pictures, and I LOVE THEM! I am so happy with the way they turned out! Jessica is very talented! Towards the end Rachel cut her foot on a stick and was upset and said NO MORE PICTURES! haha.. so we knew we were done. We went to Fatz to eat dinner on the way home from the picture session, and had some quality family time :)

Sunday morning I went to church early for work. None of my volunteers showed up because they all had stuff come up.. but I didn't have too many kids, so it all worked out. Amanda and Arnold were there to help me out anyway ;) After church we went out to lunch together as a family. Then we went home and Arnold did some yard work, which I rested. I had a HORRIBLE headache on Sunday.. and was feeling pretty rough. The kids actually surprised us and did some cleaning up too... without even being asked! Maybe our nightly devotions are really paying off ;) As a reward we took them to Dairy Queen for a treat. They got rid of my favorite-- the brownie earthquake! I was sad! :( But they did have something similar that I got, and it was yummy :)

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! :)

The kids eating lunch together on Friday

Rachel and Makenzie-- best friends forever!

Trying to get a group picture before we left HDD!

At the park for Arabella's birthday party!

The kids had a great time playing at the park!

Ready for family pictures!

One of my favorite pics from the session!

My cutie pies!

My favorite pic of me and Arnold! I love everything about it! We are going to have this one framed for sure! 

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