Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Bucket List!

Every year we have lots of Winter/Christmas traiditons we like to do. I have always been a big tradition person, and I love it even more now that I have kids of my own. Here are some things we plan to do in the coming weeks. If anyone has any more fun ideas for us, let us know!!! :)

1. Southern Christmas Show with Mom and Girls 
2. Go pick out a Christmas tree (it was our first time this year going to an actual tree farm!)
3. Watch Christmas Movies (our faves are Elf and Muppets Christmas Carol)
4. Elf on the Shelf (he gets into some funny mischief every day and he brings treats sometimes)
5. Go see the Christmas lights (we eat Papa John's pizza in the van while looking!)
6. Everyone gets a new ornament  (from the S.Christmas Show & a new one for the kids)
7. Make Christmas cookies (usually just the peel and bake because I hate cooking! ;)
8. Take the kids to see Santa (they are getting older but I still love the photo op! ;)
9. Make a gingerbread house (Arnold HATES doing these, so we've skipped a few years ;)
10. Raed Christmas books before bed (we have a collection in a basket in the living room)
11. Go to the Blue Christmas Concert (this is something Arnold, FIL and I go to!)
12. Go see the Chipmunks movie on the 19th (fun to do to celebrate the kids's getting off school!)
13. Send out Christmas cards (loving ordering photo cards and sending them to people!)
14. Christmas parties (1 for lifegroup, 1 for friends, and then family ones!)
15. Let the kids open one present early (The elf brings it! My parents did this for me growing up!)

**Should we go to the Grove Park Inn this year and see the Gingerbread houses?? thoughts???

And for fun, here is a look back at Christmases past!

2006 (Baby Brooke with her Paw :)

2007 (corny but cute)

2008(why were the kids so upset?!)

2009 (our 1st Christmas as a family of 5!!!)

2010 (not sure why I didn't take any family shots!)


2012 (the year of Rachel's haircut she gave herself!)

2013 (Rachel was eating candy before apparently!)

2014 (a prety decent pic!!!)

2015 (current day!!! My cutie pies!!) 

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