Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend in Review!

We had a busy weekend! Friday evening after we ate dinner, Arnold stayed home with the kids while I went out for awhile. I went to Toys R Us and picked up our layaway items. Then I went to AC Moore to buy Rachel's friend a birthday present: A beanie boo and shopkins.. what every little girl seems to want these days ;) Then I went to do a little shopping just for fun.. since I was alone and everything ;)

Saturday morning we all worked on cleaning up the house together. We got a lot done, even though the kids were complaining the whole time. Then we took the girls to their school to drop them off. The cheerleaders were in the local Christmas parade. We accidentally dropped them off at the wrong location though and Arnold was running all over the place trying to find them. But thankfully a Mom saw them and took them to the right place to meet the team.. thank goodness for a small town and nice people! Both sets of grandparents came out to see the girls in the parade. Our niece was there too and we were able to give her her birthday present since her birthday is Tuesday! Everyone in the parade was throwing out candy and both Caleb and Bekah racked up... on top of me getting them cotton candy and their Paw getting them sno cones! After the parade Arnold's dad wanted to take the girls to get icecream so somehow Caleb and Bekah ended up with even more sugar... they had WAY too much that day and it isn't usually like that.. promise :P 

Later that afternoon Caleb had his first basketball game! It worked out perfectly because his grandparents were already in the area and got to come see him play! I loved how they made a big deal about the players running out onto the court and they announced them by name. Caleb was so nervous but he had a lot of fun. I was so proud of him. He has never played sports but he will get better with practice. His team ended up winning!!! The girls were a little bored sitting there but I told them they had to support their brother-- especially after he had been to see them cheer so many times! 

That evening.. as if we hadn't had enough going on already.. we took Rachel to her friend's birthday party. It was at her house and they had tacos and cake and the girls had a great time playing. Rachel is starting to branch out and make friends.. she is pretty shy.. so I am happy about that! While she was at the party we went to Walgreens to pick up a photo book I had made my dad for Christmas, and to get some dinner. When we picked Rachel back up, she didn't want to leave.. so I'd say she had fun ;)

Sunday morning I actually had full coverage of volunteers in the baby class and Arnold and I actually got to go into church service!!! I hardly every get to it.. it had been months! I almost forgot how I was supposed to act in church with adults ;) We had full coverage in 2nd service too, but we were packed with lots of crying babies.. so it's a good thing we had extra help ;) After church they had a lunch for all the volunteers of the church, so we stayed for that. We took a picture of all of us on the stage where the pastor preaches. We took normal ones and silly ones.. I just love our church and all the people in it. We have really made a lot of good friends and are very happy with this stage in our lives :)

Sunday afternoon we went to the mall to get Caleb a hair cut. He was starting to look very shaggy and sort of like he had a mullet in the back! Arnold just buzzes it in the summer, but he didn't want to do that for the colder months, so we let someone else cut it. I  also had an awesome coupon for JC Penney so I picked myself up a few new shirts ;) We took the kids to see Santa but there was a really long line and santa was on his break, so we promised we'd bring them back another day. We didn't want to wait 30 minutes! We went on home and watched the Panthers play.. and by a miracle, they won the game within the last few minutes!!!!! They are still undefeated!!!!!! :)

The girls in the Christmas parade!

Caleb's first basketball game! He was a little confused at time at where he was supposed to stand but he is getting better! He had a fun time and their team even won!!! Go Kings!! 

Our elf, BOB, returned this weekend! He brought the kids a North Pole breakfast.. complete with special plates, napkins, and cups, and sugary things to eat, and little treats. 

yes I took a picture of hubby and I in service Sunday morning! Had to be documented! ;)

My sassy girl ready for church! I know this is more of a fall outfit than a Christmas time outfit, but it was cute and she hadn't worn it yet!!

Caleb getting his haircut at the mall! You can tell he didn't want pictures taken!

Our christmas cards showed up this weekend! I love them! Even if Caleb's hair looks awful in the pic ;) We used Tiny Prints. They make beautiful cards! Even though I wish I could send everyone I know one, I can't, so Merry Christmas to everyone out there!!!!! :)

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