Friday, December 4, 2015

Five on Friday!

So we decided to get another puppy! Yes I may be crazy but I had been wanting another little fella forever and Arnold finally (sorta) gave in and we got him as an early family Christmas gift. He is a CHIWEENIE which means he is part dachshund, part chiuauaua. We named him Charlie, which is probably a bad idea after all the recent news stories about Charlie Sheen, but oh well. I always liked that name! We have had him for a few weeks now and everyone is loving him.. but I forgot how tough the puppy stage is! He cries a lot at night and won't sleep all the way through, and it is so hard to house train a puppy! But we are working on it! He is making some progress I think! Thankful for my hubby who has slept on the couch with him several nights.. (he doesn't even mind sleeping on the couch, he's weird! ;)

Charlie and I had to take a selfie on the way home of course ;)

Sheldon didn't know what to think of him! This picture looks sweet but Sheldon is actually pretty jealous. Whenever Charlie gets near me he will hop out of my lap or run off. He is extra clingy these days and wants to always be with me. He play wrestles with Charlie but sometimes he is too rough so we've had to be careful and watch them. I think he will get used to him eventually! 

This picture shows you how tiny he really is! He was only 1.5 lbs the week we brought him home and he's probably not much more now! They said he won't get more than 10lbs at most. He loves to lay on pillows and blankets and play with the little toys we got him. He is still in the biting stage though, which is frustrating. He has been biting everyones fingers, shirts, shoes and even hair (ouch.)

The whole family went on his first vet visit to get him checked out and de-wormed. They thought he was adorable and kept calling him a ferocious little thing to be funny. All the other dogs in the waiting room were huge and people kept coming up to us to see him. He honestly looked like something their dogs could cough up, haha!!!! He goes back next weekend for his first shots (poor fella!) 

The kids' school pictures came back and I am actually pretty pleasd with them this year! Rachel was actually smiling this year unlike last year! I hate you can't see the fox on her outfit, but I loved that outfit and picked it out especially for her pictures :) And you gotta love the big bows. I will stick em in her hair as long as she lets me ;)

Nothing sweeter than a girl in her snowman pjs sitting by the glow of the christmas tree lights! I love this time of year! I love turning on our tree every night and just hanging out in the recliner and looking at the pretty lights. Charlie did pull down the bottom strand but we put them back on ;) 

It is that time again-- finals are almost here! I am not too worried about my finals except for one class that might be a little tricky. I know I need to study for it but I keep putting it off. I will be happy to have the classes over with and move on with Christmas break! 

I may be totally going with the trend right now, but I LOVE Adele and she is my girl crush. For real. I've always loved her. And I got hooked on her HELLO song just like everyone else. Arnold has gotten so tired of walking in a room and hearing me play it. But the sweet guy he is-- he actually brought me home her new CD the other night. I listened to the entire thing all the way through that night and he was a trooper ;) I think she is so talented and beautiful, and I love she is curvy and really sets a good example for girls! 

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