Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend in Review!

On Friday poor Brooke didn't feel very well, she had a scratchy throat and a fever (not too high, but high for her) So I let her stay home from school. I also had to take some exams that day. I got a 95 on my healthcare exam and ended the class with an A, so I was SO very excited for that! I ended Sociology with a B, which is pretty good! I have one more exam due by tonight. I thought Brooke might have strep, but after awhile she started acting like her normal self again and playing and singing. Her temp went down too and she was able to eat lunch. So I'm not sure what was going on???? But she is doing better now! 

Friday afternoon our new tv showed up, that Arnold got for his 15-year anniversary gift from his company. We had considered putting it in our living room because we still have an old-fashioned "ghetto" tv in there, haha! It is a nice tv and has awesome picture quality, but after setting it up it looked silly in the big living room, so we moved it to our bedroom. We have never had a tv in our bedroom in nearly 10 years of being married. Was it a mistake to put it in there?! Haha! Anyway, while Arnold was moving some furniture around, his sock caught onto a paper clip that was on the floor, and the sharp side stuck right into his foot! I heard him scream and it scared me! We got him to the couch and cut his sock off.. he was in a lot of pain. He couldn't pull it out himself. His mom actually ended up coming to our house and cleaning it and pulling it out for him because we weren't sure how far it was in there and I get a queasy stomach over stuff like that! He is ok now, just a little sore when he walks around. Never a dull moment around here.

Saturday morning I had to take Charlie in to the vet for a checkup and his first vaccines. Everyone there just loves him and wanted to play with him and hold him, even the receptionist :) He was so brave for the exam and did a lot better than Sheldon does at the vet! He cried when they gave him his shots and I felt so bad.. but he got over it quickly. They said he looks almost perfect except for some dry skin but that should clear up! Right now we're still trying to master the house training stuff and he's doing a little better but it's still a challenge! 

That afternoon Arnold left with his dad and uncle and friend to go to an all-night concert called Christmas Jam. It is a tradition for them to go. They have a ton of bands and they stay out all night and have fun but it is rough on them the next day! That evening while he was gone I joined my friends Erika and Joanne for our yearly traditional girls' BFF christmas party. This year we had it at Erika's new house. I've never driven there by myself yet and it was dark and a lot of curvy roads. The kids were a little nervous and saying we needed daddy there (ha) but everything was ok! We got there eventually! ;) Parties have become quite the thing since we are all over 30 and old now. We basically just sat on our butts and ate desserts and talked. But that is what we like to do! ;) The kids even said we were lame and boring but they just don't understand! ;)

The next morning we had to get up very, very early to get to church so the kids could practice for their Christmas program! Arnold didn't get in until 3:45am so of course he only got like 2 1/2 hours of sleep. I got everyone ready and we headed to church to practice, while getting breakfast on the way of course ;) The kids sang through their song several times and we hung around until service. Mom and Dad even came to see their grandkids sing! Arnold and I actually got to go in and see them too, and stay for the whole service, because we had enough childcare workers! It was awesome! I was so proud of the kids :) And I enjoyed getting to sing Christmas carols along with the rest of my church family!

2nd service I had to work, and I had a call out, so Arnold helped me. We had a few babies in there and everyone was well-behaved, so that worked out well. Afterwards we had a HUGE mess to clean up. Then we all went downstairs and had lunch with our lifegroup! Everyone brought food and we ate and hung out together. My pastor somehow figured out how to get the PANTHERS game streaming onto the big screen in our sanctuary so everyone could watch it (how cool is that?!) We stayed for a little while but went home to take a nap since Arnold and I were exhausted!!

I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend!! 

This is the tv that Arnold got as his work gift! When the FedEx woman showed up I wasn't wearing pants and Brooke had to go to the door and tell her to hold on a minute, haha! The tv is pretty nice and works great in our room.. we just have to have the cable guy come out sometime to run cable to it! 

Rachel and her BFF Kenzie hanging out during the mommie's christmas party! they had a blast playing together, making a mess, and eating lots of sugary treats ;)

Two of my best friends in the whole world! I had so much fun hanging out with them that evening even if we were all tired! Joanne's cute gingerbread hat was even handmade by Erika!!! (she's talented ;)

Joanne gave me this cute ornament her sister personalized for me. It says "Deals" on it. She also got me some B&B works soap and some yummy brownie mix ;)

erika got me this pretty purple sweater! I plan to wear it this Friday night when Arnold and I go on a date! She also made me a beautiful scarf!

The sweet kiddos singing at church on Sunday! They were supposed to wear coats, hats, scarves and all that because the song sort of had a winter/snow theme! They were so cute and did a great job! 

This is me and the girls posing with STAN THE SNOWMAN in the kids' check in area. We got to church before 8am. It was crazy early and we were all tired and as you can see my hair was even up in a ponytail because I just didn't have time to mess with all that!! 

Sunday afternoon we were trying to take a nap and as you can see the animals did not leave room for Arnold! ;) They have taken over the bed! It's hard to see, but Max, Sheldon AND Charlie are all asleep there! I passed out and was snoring and Arnold said he left the room and finished watching the Panthers game. Who are STILL undefeated by the way!!! woo baby!! :)

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