Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

We recently bought a new recliner! We had been talking about it for awhile but we happened to be in Big Lots one day after church and they had this one sitting out and it was marked down and then it was friends & family weekend so an additional 20% off! It was too good of a deal to pass up! I love it and its being affectionately called "my chair" although its not really ;) Arnold sneaks some time in it when Im gone or asleep ;) No one eats in it at ALL because I want to keep it nice! Our old one was falling apart... literally... the kids had broken the footrest and arms.. so it was about time!! 

My mom and dad recently spent a week in Arizona and they sent me this beautiful picture! I am glad they were able to get home safely, because that was when we had all that snow/ice around here. 

Arnold and I went to the school awards day to watch our cuties get their awards! Caleb got A/B honor roll again and AR reader and Brooke got AR Reader. She also brought up her math grade some and we are so proud of her trying so hard! 

 A friend of mine who used to go to our church just wrote a novel! How cool is that?! I now know 3 people who have written books. I love to write.. but I don't think I could ever write a book. It would take too much patience and dedication, and more formal style. I prefer to write just whatever comes out.. haha. But my friend is SO talented and I finished her book in just one day!! Go check it out on amazon! 

Making the girls match again.. in their kitty shirts from Childrens place! ;)

We recently got our van detailed at Honda! Arnold's sister works there and it was awesome that we were able to get the family discount! ;) It was NASTY! as a matter of fact, they called us and said they needed to keep it another day! haha! I was so impressed... they cleaned all the crumbs and cupholders and seats and floors.. there were a few stains they couldn't get out but I figured so. The van is getting pretty old! They even cleaned the outside and got rid of a "racing stripe" I had accidentally put on the van a long time ago! That was just icing on the cake! So far no one has been allowed to eat in the van and I hope to keep it that way! 

so can yall believe I have never read The Giver? I finally did the other day and I loved it! Are the other books in the series any good? Is the movie any good?? 

Picked this new shirt up for Brooke and she wanted to wear it to church the other day. I couldn't get over how much older she is looking lately! When did she turn into a teenager? haha.

The other day after church we tried out HWY 55 for lunch. we all liked it pretty well. Reminded me of Shell's. Love the 50s theme and music.. and they have the GOOD ICE!! They gave the kids a little icecream with their kids meals and it was delicious! (i snuck a bite of Rachel's ;)

I dont get my nails done often but I went to get them done the other day before we left on our anniversary getaway. I picked the pink myself at the store and took it with me! I got gel nails put on, them painted, and she even did a little design with a heart and stuff. They are my vday nails! I love them and have gotten lots of compliments on them too ;)

The other night after Brooke's ortho appt we took the kids to Bob Evans for dinner.. it was kids night. Rachel picked the kids meal called "piggy pancakes" and it came out looking like this! How adorable! No more eating like this for me for awhile though.. I am trying yet again to be better and lose some weight. I've given up so many times.... I will eventually get there though!! 

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