Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekend in Review!

Friday I went on a field trip with my college class. I am taking a class right now about long-term care, and we have been visiting nursing homes. We went on Friday to the same place my Grandfather had spent several years when he was alive. Even though I had been there, It had been awhile and I got lost on the way. I was speeding and doing all sorts of u-turns and crazy stuff to get there-- I absolutely hate being late. I am actually usually very early to things because of that. I walked into the place 3 minutes late, which wasn't too bad.. I didn't really miss anything. We took a tour and got to visit some of the areas and someone's room. I love elderly people and think they are adorable but I don't think I'd ever work with them! I still have my sights set on working at a OB office of Peds office when I graduate. We will see!

Friday night Arnold and I went to a thing at church called Fight Night. It was a marriage night put on by some drs. Les and Leslie Parrot (although she didn't come because she was sick) They go around to different places and talk about marriage the the right way to "fight" and make sure conflict stays healthy. We were able to go last minute thanks to buying some tickets from our friends who couldn't make it. It was so nice to get out after a week of feeling sick. We took the kids out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday before to spend some time with them, then dropped them off with Arnold's parents. Arnold and I enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. The guy was funny and we learned some things we hadn't thought of before. I bought 2 of his books online and am reading more about the stuff now. 

Saturday morning caleb had his basketball awards ceremony for the season. There was a breakfast before too, but we slept too late and didn't get to make it! Poor Brooke was so upset because she was looking forward to all the pancakes and pastries, haha. Caleb wore his uniform and was given a medal and he was proud. Too bad he wasn't even looking in any of the pictures Arnold took though! 

After the awards ceremony we took the kids to lunch at Mellow Mushroom. Caleb wore his uniform and medal to lunch :) We ate some yummy pizza and enjoyed some family time. I think we kinda scared everyone with our hacking coughs though-- we are all doing better but we have lingering coughs that the dr said would take awhile to go away! After lunch we went to walmart to buy some things we needed. I ended up buying some of the Better Homes and Gardens 400-count bedsheets that so many friends had recommended to me. we have been sleeping on them this week and i have to say they are very comfortable! I wish they had more color choices for queen but I am ok with it-- not many people see our bed anyway, haha. 

Sunday morning I worked at church like usual and had a fun time with my babies. Unfortunately Sunday I found out some sad news-- that the sweet baby I have been keeping for the past several months is starting daycare (an opening came up earlier than expected) and I dont have my job anymore. I really bonded with her and she became my little buddy and sidekick, so I am going to miss her tremendously. I took it harder than I thought-- I cried a lot this past weekend. I knew this fall I'd have to give her up anyway to go to college fulltime but it came sooner than I expected and it was hard to process. I am packing up all her stuff that has taken over my house-- it was so fun to have a baby around again. So now Im just trying to figure out what I'm going to do til summer-- just work on school or try to find a job for awhile, but I know God will lead me in the right direction. 

Date night with Hubby! we had a great time. and the kids loved getting to stay up late that night.

Calebs bball team-- the Kings! wish he would have looked at us for the pictures! 

His sisters were there to cheer him on ;)

Proud of my sweet Bobo :)

Daddy and son-- they are like twins ;)

A picture with all my sweet babies :)

The girls all dressed up for church Sunday. We are dreaming of spring! 

Brooke was playing on the computer sunday afternoon and I about did a double take! between the dress she had on and her hair up, i swore i was looking at a teenager! time slow down!!!! 

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