Monday, February 22, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Unfortunately we did not have a fun Valentine's day this year. The girls started feeling bad on that friday and we didnt know then what was going on but we gave them lots of meds and fluids and they slept a lot. Our weekend was pretty low-key.. we missed going to see Caleb's last basketball game, and Rachel missed going to her friend's birthday party. They were so pitiful :( We later found out on Monday that both girls had strep and maybe bronchitis, so they were put on antibiotics and started feeling better after that. But then I started feeling bad a few nights later.. I felt cold, run down and miserable. I went in to the dr too and I had caught it from the girls! So I started taking an antibiotic also, which is pretty powerful and made me sick on my stomach but I started to feel better quickly too. Needless to say, we had a rough week!!! 

We were pretty much hanging around and watching tv and movies and reading 

Sunday night we did order the Pizza Hut vday special. heart shaped pizza and brownies. It was delicious. But gave me heartburn. I cant' seem to handle pizza anymore! 

When Rachel finally got back to school she was able to wear the shirt I had made for her, for vday. Too bad she couldn't wear it on the actual day, but it was still cute. She said the little love birds were me and Arnold ;)

Calebs class had to make their own vday holder boxes for their class party, and it became a project and they were graded on it. Of course terrible us forgot about it til almost last minute so we were going around looking for boxes and arnold ran to the store. We looked stuff up on pinterest and caleb wanted to make a minecraft box. We just used different colored duck tape and the  mouth opened to  put in cards. Pretty easy, but he liked it. 

Rachel and Charlie had fun resting together :)

The dogs kept the girls company. You can tell when Brooke is sick because she usually never stops running around unless she is really feeling bad! 

This is what our counter was looking like for quite awhile! We had medicines for everyone, drinks for everyone and were taking temps all the time. It was hard to keep everything straight! Im thankful for an awesome husband who took care of things while I was in bed. He even cleaned up my sheets when I threw up on them (gross, I know!) How did he not get sick?!?!?! 

This is how we celebrate vday since we couldnt go out! Arnold brought home takeout from Red Lobster! I put a hurting on some crab legs! haha. 

we got the kids some vday treats.. my friend erika put their names on some vases and filled them with candy and stuff and I found some cute little stuffed animals too. The kids were happy to wake up to the surprises :)

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