Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recent Ramblings

~Last week I started feeling sick one day. I mean really, really bad. I had chills so bad I was under the covers with 5 or so blankets on me. I also had a throbbing headache and just felt weak. I could have sworn I was getting the flu. But the next day I felt so much better??? So strange, still don't know what that was about.

~I FINALLY tried Nagano's! I know a lot of you thought it would never, ever happen with me and Japanese food. But Arnold has wanted to take me forever (he loves it). I had shrimp, rice, and broccoli. It was really good, I'll admit. I don't see the HUGE deal about it, but it may be what I ate? What does everyone like there?

~Took the kids to Ritas the other day. Had some lemonade-flavored italian ice. Can't wait until the warmer months when they will bring out the "Summer" flavors again like Pina Colada and Strawberry Margarita!

~The time change didn't mess with me TOO bad, but I did wake up later than I was supposed to, which put me almost late to church. I didn't set the alarm, which I know I should have!
~The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately! We have played outside, taken the kids to the park, grilled out hotdogs... love this time of year! Spring is JUST around the corner now, and I can't wait :)

~Picked up a few things at the dollar store to put together a little Easter centerpiece for our table in the kitchen. A glass decorative bowl thing, jellybeans, and a pillar candle. Got the idea on pinterest. It is pretty cute! Now if I can just keep Rachel out of the jellybeans.. she thinks they are for her to eat ;)

~Finally got around to reading Stephanie Plum's 2nd book, "Two for the Dough." Its in a series of Thrillers that I have started. I am really enjoying them!
~Have I mentioned that I really want to rent and watch "Footloose"?? Has anyone seen it yet??

~Rachel colored ALL over her arms, legs, part of the wall, and carpet with red, black and yellow sharpies yesterday. Partly my fault, I really should have made sure they were put up better than where I had them. Anyway, it has been a pain trying to figure out how to get the marks up. So far not much luck. I have lightened the marks on Rachel a lot, but its going to take some time until her skin is its normal white again! Right now she just looks bruised! :(

~We bought Arnold's parents' elliptical machine they aren't using anymore. Arnold put it down in the basement for us to use. He has used it a few times already, but not me. I should be happy that we have that here now to use, but most of you already know that I hate basements.. they creep me out. yes, even my own. So I don't like to go down there. And that's not an excuse not to work out.. seriously! :)

~Yesterday when we went to Kohl's, Rachel picked out a stuffed Kangaroo from the "Kohls Cares for Kids" section. They have Eric Carle books and animals out right now. They already have two of the books, but we picked up the other two books for their collection. Rachel LOVES that kangaroo. She always loves to have a buddy to carry around with her :)

~Speaking of books, my mom was asking me to make a list of all the kids' books in their collections, so she could look at it when she was wanting to buy them a new one. She usually gets them a new one for each Holiday. Well that took forever!! I didn't ever step back to realize how awesome their book collections really are! I hope to hold onto a lot of them so they can have them when they grow up. I still have a lot of the books I had when I was a kid, including most of the Berenstein Bear Series :)

~I think we have decided to get the girls bunk beds! I was a little worried about them before now, safety issues and all that, but we found a set that looked pretty nice and safe the other day. It will also free up a lot of room in their bedroom. I will probably then give Brooke's bed to Caleb. I just hope he doesn't get jealous!

~I usually am so excited about Tues. nights.. but Glee is on break right now, won't be back until April! This is killing me! Can't wait to see what happened to Quinn.

~Taking Rachel to the park tomorrow for our first OUTSIDE playdate of the year! it will be so much fun. I can't believe it is going to reach 80 degrees tomorrow! She will definately get to wear one of her new Spring outfit.

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