Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that I re-decorated my blog for Spring, and reached 12,000 views

~I'm loving that I got a good night's sleep last night (for once)

~I'm loving that we got to go visit Makenzie in the hospital last night. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday morning. She did really well! Rachel made her a card and took it to her. I think she was happy to have some company :)

~I'm loving the memories that flood back to me when I'm at the hospital. I always think back to when I had the kids. Caleb even said to me "this is where I was when I was a baby!!" And I told him that yes, he was born there. Can't believe it was almost 6 years ago that we pulled out of that parking lot with baby Brooke in the backseat, and became a family. I peeked into the nursery when we walked by it, but didn't see any babies in there.. darn. Something about new life that makes me happy.

~I'm loving that I had not one, but two conversations with Ray last night (even if they were quick!) It has been a weird, long week, and it was good to talk to him. He is a really good friend.

~I'm loving that the other night while we were having "Circle Time" and helping the kids say their prayers, Brooke said "Thank you God for my Uncle Alex." That was just precious! Usually they call out their names and mine and Arnold's, but it was sweet to hear them add more family members in the mix this time. The kids love their uncle :)

~I'm loving that the most recent Nicholas Sparks book I read had a way better ending than the last one. I just finished reading "The Choice" and before that I read "At First Sight." That one ended very sadly. I always cuss Nicholas Sparks for making me cry, but I'm always sucked into this stories.

~I'm loving that a story I wrote was featured in Christ Church's newsletter this month. We got it in the mail this past week and I was really surprised. They had told me awhile back that it might be in there, but I had forgotten all about it. I wrote about how awesome Lifegroups are, and how everyone should join one. The newsletter went out to people from all the campuses, and although I know a lot of people didn't even bother to read it, it makes me feel special ;) It was neat to see my name under it. I am definately saving that for the future :)

~I'm loving that this Sunday it starts April. This year seems to be flying by already. And while I am not wishing the time away at all, I am really looking forward to Easter. Love that time of year. The kids ask me many mornings if it is time yet. Their Easter baskets are already full and hiding in the hall closet on the shelf.

~I'm loving that we have raised a decent amount of money for the Diabetes walk this Saturday. Arnold and I have gotten some donations from his work friends, and from family. We are walking the 3 mile walk this weekend, with some good friends of ours. We are walking for their daughter, who was diagnosed at only 6 years old! I hope they can find a cure!

~I'm loving finding other people's blogs to read online. The only thing I love more than writing a blog is reading other people's. Many people will tell you I am nosy (ask my Mother and husband!) Not in a bad way, I am just fascinated with other people's lives. I don't know why.. I just always have been. I like to see what other people do, buy, how they live, etc. I hope I don't come across as creepy now, haha! I also am envious of how "together" some other moms seem to be, but I know I don't get to see the whole story, so I shouldn't compare myself to them.

~I'm loving that we got the proofs back from the kids' spring pictures yesterday. They used an ugly background this time (don't like to be negative, but they did!) Brooke's picture was pretty good, except she forgot to take her necklace OUT of her shirt, so it would show. And Caleb totally had a fake smile, but he was cute, too. He looks so much older compared to last year's pic.

~I'm loving that "Secret Life" came back on last night. That show has got to be the biggest train-wreck I have ever seen. It has some horrible acting and the show has turned into a big soap opera. With that being said, I can't look away. I find myself still watching to see what happens.

~I'm loving that tomorrow is payday. Enough said :)
**I know half of this is green and half regular text, but I can't seem to fix it!**

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