Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

~It's ok that Rachel and I spent the whole day yesterday with new friends of our's. We even stayed for a picnic lunch in their backyard, and I pretended like I really didn't NEED to get to the grocery store and do my weekly shopping.

~It's ok that I let Rachel run around without pants after she soaked the ones she had on. I didn't have an extra outfit with me. Yeah, I forgot to pack one.

~It's ok that I'm a complete and utter nerd. I mean bigtime. I have shelves and shelves of books. I still like to go to the library. I laugh at stupid things. I get so excited about things sometimes I shake. I dance around and sing really loudly when I think no one's watching. I care way too much what people think. I am not "good" at being fashionable and just "knowing" what looks good together. I crunch my icea after every drink. I get way too attached to people I care about. Its all OK.

~It's ok that the other night I was totally belting out an old Shania Twain song in the living room. I was even using a Pringles can as a microphone. Arnold was a little embarassed of me, I think.

~It's ok that I am not very crafty. Most moms I know are. Friends have tried to teach me to make hairbows for the girls and I just get frustrated. A friend made me like 6 bows for Rachel while I was attempting just to make one look "right." I guess I will either keep buying them or relying on generous friends to make them!

~It's ok that I sometimes go back and "correct" a little on Brooke's homework after she's done. Just erasing stray marks and letters that went a little above the line, etc. I am a teeny bit scared of her teacher. She is oldschool like you wouldn't believe. But I am glad Brooke has that structure in her daily life.

~It's ok that I had an extra piece of cake last night at a church thing. It was chocolate. Enough said!

~It's ok that I like watching reality shows like "Biggest Loser," "Teen Mom," "19 Kids and Counting," and the like. I like seeing people in their everyday lives. I think I touched on this in another blog. I am nosy!

~It's ok that I am not very good at math. Don't ask me to do any in my head. If I am trying to figure out sales or "percent off," I whip out my calculator. Every time.

~It's ok that I don't like coffee! Everyone and their brother say I am weird for this. I still get my caffeine fix. I just drink Dr Pepper or Sun Drop instead ;)

~It's ok that I am wrapped up in the "Hunger Games" hype just like everyone else. I want to go see the movie with Arnold. I am afraid I will get upset/sad/nauseous and all that, but I still want to go. Just to say I did.

~It's ok that I'd rather do exercise videos and Wii Fit than go to an actual gym. I don't like people watching me work out.

~It's ok that I think I'm even more excited about Easter than the kids are.

~It's ok that Arnold went in with others at work to try to win the lottery. Have I ever played? Nope. Do i think its silly to try? Yep. But I am a teeny bit excited this time.

~It's ok that the girls have way more clothes than me. It's way more fun to buy stuff for them than it is me. Everything looks good on them! ;)

~It's ok that I am very jealous whenever we visit friends' houses who don't have kids. Their houses are not cluttered with toys! No crayon marks on the wall! Or spills on their carpet! It's heavenly.

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  1. It's still weird that you don't like coffee!!! :)