Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that I am finally back online, technically. I was using my Kindle for awhile after I accidentally spilled sweet tea on my laptop. We now have a desktop computer set up. I am missing being able to put the laptop in my lap and lay in bed with it, but I am LOVING the huge screen on this desktop. It is 19", so awesome.

~I'm loving that I have gotten back into the groove of reading lately. I have read so many books in the past few weeks. I just got finished reading "Between Friends," and thanks to my friend Erika, she let me read her copy of "Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks. They were both really good, somewhat suspense, and were real page-turners.

~I'm loving that the next week or so its supposed to be nice weather. Sunny and in the high 60s for the most part. Looks like lots of playing outside for Rachel and I!

~I'm loving that I found out that the people moving in next door have THREE kids. Not just two like I originally thought. It will be cool to have people with something in common with us. I heard one is a baby too.. ahh.. we all know how much I love babies ;)

~I'm loving all the Easter stuff out at stores right now. Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Today I picked up the kids' easter eggs for their baskets. They were ridiculously over-priced for little pieces of circular plastic, but I know the kids will be so happy, and that's what matters ;) Caleb gets Spider Man, Brooke gets Princess, and Rachel got Dora. Acutal little Dora heads that are the easter eggs ;)

~I'm loving that I ran into a friend from a local mom's group I'm in this morning at Walmart. I see her on the forum and read her blog all the time, so I feel like I already "know" her, but now I've actually MET her ;) She has the cutest little girl who is 3, and always is wearing the cutest little outfits. I'm also very jealous of her photography skills ;) Anyway, I hope we will get to hang out sometime soon and Rachel will be excited to have someone new to play with!

~I'm loving that they are making a new "American Pie" movie! haha! Has anyone seen the previews? I saw it last night when I was watching "New Girl." I know they are the cheesiest movies of all time and I even have bad memories associated with the American Pie Wedding movie, but still.. I was a little excited to see the new movie. I will have to see it, just for old time's sake. I am a child of the 90s, after all ;)

~I'm loving that "Footloose" came out on DVD this week (since we were on the topic of movies) Hoping to rent it this weekend or next. I never saw the original! But always wanted to.

~I'm loving that Brooke and Caleb's school had a thing last night called "Literacy Night." It's all about the importance of reading to kids. They had the chorus sing a few songs to the parents, then the grade levels split up and went to different classrooms for different activities, stories, and crafts. Then at the end they had cookies and juice in the cafeteria. It was really cute.

~I'm loving how social Caleb has become! Preschool has been so great for him, if only for the fact that he has gained so many friendships and learned how to interact better with others. He even gave his AND Brooke's teacher a big hug last night at the school thing (without prompting!) He also grins and blushes when we talk to him about this one little girl in his class, Piper. I think Caleb may just have a little girlfriend ;) He says she gets mad at him alot... typical ;)

~I'm loving my new fave treat- pistachios! I know I am behind the times. I am usually an almond-eating girl. But I tried some at Christmas and ate a TON of them. My mom kept saying I was going to get sick. Arnold bought me a few bags of them the other night and they are already gone. Ummm.. oops. But they are so good! Rachel likes them too.. I will open them up for her and give her the inside. So now I guess i'll have to share my goodies :( LOL!

~I'm loving that Saturday night I am going to a "Girls Movie Night" with some friends at one of their houses. I like time spent with just the girls. Now wonder what we will watch??

~I'm loving that Mom and Dad told us that they are going to Lake Lure for a week at the end of March, and they invited us up for the weekend. Its where we always vacationed since I was a baby, and its neat to take the kids up there now. Hopefully it will be nice weather when we go!

~I'm loving that I finally got all of the girls' Spring/Summer stash hung up in their closets last night. There is a LOT of stuff on Rachel's side.. I won't lie. I told myself I have a serious problem when it comes to cute girls' stuff. I even showed Arnold and he just shook his head and smiled. Thankful for a husband that (somewhat) understands that this is "my thing" and he's just going to have to deal with it! haha ;)

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