Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday morning Rachel and I met up with Erika and Crystin and their kids at the mall to play. It was a rainy, nasty day, so It was good to get out. Afterwards we asked Rachel where she wanted to eat, and like always it was "Chick Fila!" So we headed up to the food court and got some lunch (which ended with icecream, of course! :) That afternoon my Father-in-law had wanted to pick up the kids from school and hang out for awhile, and it just so happened that my mom asked if she could take Rachel out shopping with her. So I dropped Rachel off after lunch and had a free afternoon all to myself! It was awesome! What an exciting life I have-- I went home. But I did get to rest, read, watch some tv, and so that was heaven to me.

That evening we met up with Arnold's parents at Applebees to have dinner. They of course brought the kids with them and my mom dropped Rachel off there, too. They had bought the kids stuff, basically taken them to the store and let them pick toys out. Between all our family member and us, our kids are so spoiled it is RIDICULOUS! Brooke had picked out a princess dress-up set, and Caleb got a remote-control truck. They both got pinwheels. And my mom had got them little boxes of animal cookies. But anyway, had a great dinner-- my usual chicken fajita rollup. Was fighting a sinus headache like crazy the whole night (what is up with this crazy weather lately, anyway?!)

A little later I met up with my friend Jess at the movies. We went on a "date" (really a Girl's night!) to celebrate 10 years of friendship :) We met in high school, when she was 14 and I was 16. The fact that we have been friends for 10 years and we both now have kids makes me feel extremely old! But I am so blessed to still have a friend for this long that means so much to me, still to this day! We went to see "The Vow." I'm sure all of you have heard of it. I actually read the book first (like I usually do-- the nerd in me!) I really liked the book so I was anxious to see the movie. The movie was pretty good, but it didn't follow the book well (like usual) It was based on real-life events, and the real people were Christians in real-life and of course they took the whole Christian-aspect out of the movie, I know for entertainment purposes. Made me a little mad because they threw some things in there that didn't really fit, but oh well. And it didn't hurt at all looking at Channing Tatum throughout the movie ;) Although everyone tries to ruin movies for me with him in it since they all say he looks so much like my younger brother. I DID have the overwhelming urge after the movie to call Alex and see how he has been doing....... :)

Saturday morning we got ready and went to Barnes & Noble, they were having a special "Meet Curious George" day. I knew the kids would want to go to that. We actually went through the drive-thru at Krispy Kreme first, for a dozen glazed donuts. I am so glad that we have 5 family members to help me eat them, or else I'd probably try to eat them all myself-- just can't say no to that sugary goodness! We waited at B&N for awhile and the kids were getting really restless, and somehow Caleb got ahold of a "graphic comic book" which had a lot of superhero stuff in it and he was fascinated but i was just grossed out and kept telling Arnold to put it up! Finally George came out, and we waited in a long line, just long enough for the kids to stand there with him and get a picture before the workers pushed them along. At least all 3 kids stood there and smiled for the camera and i have a decent reminder of the morning (I was especially surprised that Rachel stood with him, she has a fear of strange-looking things, but hey, so do I!) After that we went to a friend's church for an indoor yardsale. We got there towards the end so you could fill up the bag for $5. The kids found a bunch of little toys and I found them some books (one of the "Little Critter" books and a "Bearenstein Bear" book we didn't have yet) and I found an OWL decorative set for the kitchen, so I was happy about that.

Later that evening I went out shopping for awhile with my friend Jackie. We went to Once Upon a Child and I actually didn't buy anything for once-- I think I have honestly cleaned them out of all the good stuff in my kids' sizes lately. I'm surprised they didn't ask me why I was in there AGAIN. Then we went to Target, and I just dumped a whole bunch of snacks in the cart and bought them.. we needed some snacks at home anyway. Very random, but... oh well. I told you I had an exciting life! ;) Then we stopped by Game Stop and looked at the Wii games. I ended up buying another Guitar Hero game, and Wii fit. I am really loving the Wii more than I thought I would. Lately I've been playing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and I have made it pretty far except I save the "battles" for Arnold ;) Right now he needs to Battle Joe Perry so I can move to the next song ;) Anyway, lastly we went to Barnes & Noble (yes again!) And Jackie looked for some new books to read. Believe me, there were plenty of books I WANTED to buy, but i need to move through more of my stack here at home first, before I get anything else. At least my membership card got some use for once, Jackie was able to get a discount on her stuff. I had signed up for a free trial back at Christmas and forgot to cancel it, so they took the money out of our account and sent us a member card. Sooo I have a membership for the next year I guess... Funny, because i buy 90% of my books off Amazon and not there....

Sunday morning I got up early and went to church to be in the Boxcar Babies class. we ended up only having one baby, so it was pretty boring for once. One baby and 3 workers= not much to do at all. But at least I got a little escape from my own kids ;) Then arnold and the kids showed up and we went to the 11:00 service. Right after we went to lunch at Wendy's with Erika and her family. You know that it is on average $25 to go out to eat with the 5 of us, and thats FAST FOOD and not even buying KIDS MEALS and a drink for Rachel (she shares with someone) That is ridiculous, considering how much you can buy at the grocery store with that money. We need to seriously cut down how much we eat out, I know we will save a ton. Anyway, that afternoon we took the kids to Malachi's 6th birthday party. (Yes, Brooke's boyfriend! ;) It was at their church, and was a Firetruck theme. They had a bounce house set up outside, and the kids all insisted on jumping in it even though it was FREEZING and windy outside. I hope no one gets sick from all that! Then they had the local fireman come down and he showed the kids the firetruck, and they got to sit in it, and we got lots of pics. Then we had cake and Malachi opened his presents. The kids all had a great time. Malachi's dad had made a video of his past year that you could watch, and it was really neat. Need him to make some for my kids' bdays ;)

So that's it... our weekend. And yes we have a new computer now, so I am excited to be back to the blogging world, I really did miss it :)

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