Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Topic: Creative Gift Wrap

With Christmas just next month, I have started looking up idea for cute and creative gift wrap. Closer to time I will probably just go the easy way out and use bags or plain wrapping I can buy with no extras, but is fun to dream, right?! Maybe if I get started early and get Arnold to help me I can get some of these cute ideas done, at least for my neices and nephews maybe?? :)

What about you guys? Do you like any of these? Or have any good ideas of your own creative wrapping? Send ideas my way! :)

I just loved this wrapping paper, the black and white looks so elegant and fancy!

Easily wrap something in a colored paper bag. To add a little fanciness, you can bend a colorful cupcake holder over the top and glue in place. And add a cute gift tag, too.

Here they wrapped cookbooks in dish towels. Cute idea to put together a "themed" gift, and you get to use the "wrapping" instead of throw it away! 

Use each person's initials, so you can see right away who the gifts belong to, when under the tree. Only a problem if some of you share initials, like my husband and I do ;)

Re-use old pairs of jeans! Cut off pockets, and you can hotglue to cards or presents. You can then fill with treats of your choice.. love the colorful pixi sticks they used here!

How cute are the little Christmas light bulbs? I love it!

Great for kids' gifts. Using those little magnetic letters to spell out their name. Can be re-used after they open the present, also.

Great for the music lovers. Some sheet music, little bells, and ribbon.

Spell out the person's name using letter stamps on the paper.

Wrapped using newspaper. Great way to recyle.

Presents topped with pictures! how cool! I could so see myself doing this.. everyone knows I take tons and tons of pics throughout the year! Great way to jazz up a gift, and also to show who the present is going to, and you don't even have to use a name tag. 

Re-use old Pringle cans to put in cookies or another homeade goodie. Cover with scrapbook paper, Tie up with a pretty ribbon, and you are good to go :)

Make a gift a little bit more special by adding on a sweet treat. A lollipop, candy cane, or any thing else you can think of. Great idea for kids.

Here they used old toilet paper rolls! Put inside a little gift, covered it with pretty paper, and wrapped up with clear wrap to look like a candy. Cute idea. 

For the hard to buy for? Teens maybe? Wrap up some of their favorite candy bars and add some cold hard cash under the ribbon. Heck, I'd like this for myself! ;)

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