Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend In Review

Every Friday Brooke has a spelling test at school. This past Friday she made a 102 on her test! I am always so excited to see what she made in the afternoons. We study throughout the week and usually drill pretty hard Fri mornings before they leave for school. Brooke was having a really hard time with two of the words, and I figured she would miss them, but she didn't! Also, I talked to Brooke's teacher this week, and she said Brooke has become a great reader, and she is going to start her on an AR reading level! Which means Brooke will start bringing home special books and taking special tests on the computer every week. Sorry, had to share all that, proud mama brag!! :)
Friday night after the kids went to bed, Arnold and I watched Madea's Witness Protection Program! We rented it from Redbox.. I love all the codes they send me in my email. I even got two this weekend for free rentals! Makes for a cheap date night ;) I love that Madea, we watch all the movies. It was pretty good. While watching we pulled out the kids' big bag of Halloween candy and ate a lot of it.. oops! We also watched "Last Man Standing" which finally premiered for this season.. they had some issues with a few cast members and had to recast. Reba also has a new show out, that we watched. Anyone else seen it? I'd love to say I liked it, but I seriously think it was almost just like her last show! Just changed the characters and location and stuff. Not the greatest...  bummer, because I love Reba!
Saturday morning, Brooke had her last football game of the season. It so happens that some of my family was coming into town, so they got to come up and go see Brooke at her game! That was neat, because we don't get to see them that often at all. My aunt came, two of my cousins, and my Grandpa. Arnold's parents also came out to the game. It was probably the most fun game of the season, because we all sat together in the stands and talked the whole time! Arnold's mom had brought the kids their Halloween treats that they give them every year, so the kids munched on candy the whole time. I tried to take it away from the after awhile, and noticed that Caleb was sneaking some! The cheerleaders also had a little "end of season" party towards the end of the game, the coach had baked cupcakes and brought snacks. Oh, and we won the game!! And it was beautiful weather! Couldn't have asked for a more fun morning :)
After the game we went over to mom and dad's house for awhile. We all had lunch over there. We got to visit more with family before they headed back home that afternoon. And I got to see my younger brother, Alex, who lives far away now :( The kids tossed the football in the backyard for awhile. Caleb had a great time, and is still saying he wants to be on the football team next year. I am ok with that, but it makes me cringe everytime I see a little boy get knocked over and trampled by other players! Caleb is a little guy to begin with, and he is very sensitive, so I don't see that going very well if he got hurt!!!
Sunday morning the kids got up REALLY early, thanks to the stupid time change! Parents know that you definitely don't get any extra sleep like everyone else, when you push the time back! The kids are all confused and got up at 6 because they thought it was 7! Argggh. Oh well. We got everyone ready and headed to church. 1st Sunday of the month, so I worked in the baby class! Rocked my friend Karla's son the entire service.. he is such a cuddle bug! I have become his lap of choice on Sundays, so I feel special! :) After church we went to Sonic for lunch.. it has become a tradition and the kids won't let us change that!!! Then we browsed around the store for awhile, looking at all the Christmas decorations. When the kids saw it, Brooke begged for us to put up our tree and decorations now. LOL she is so much like her mama, gets way too excited ;) I told her we would try to do it this coming weekend. I know that is crazy, but it makes the kids happy (and me! :)
Sunday evening we just hung around the house and rested. We made homeade pizzas for dinner, and they were sooo yummy. I don't know how Arnold does it, but he always seems to get the crust JUST right! Then Arnold left with his dad to go to a receiving for the family member of a lady they work with, they are all pretty close. The kids and I stayed here and I got them ready for bed. I also played several rounds of that game Song Pop. Darn you Joanne for getting me hooked on that game! ;) And last night I read all evening until I got tired and went to bed. Of course I got tired earlier because of the time change!!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)
Brooke swinging on the playground before the game started

Rachel playing on the playground

Brooke cheering at her last football game of the season.

Leaving church on Sunday. Thought this would make a cool pic, and It did! ;)

Daddy and Rachel. They look so much alike :)
After church on Sunday. The kids found sticks and wanted to play

Waiting on lunch at Sonic after church. It was chilly!

Rachel being silly and trying on some reindeer antlers. She said LOOK MAMA! I'm a MOOSE! LOL, funny girl :)

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  1. Her last game already? Awww I feel like such a bad friend. My life has been CRAZY for the past couple of months. Hence why I haven't blogged in forever and a day... I really want to put my tree up. I'm trying to hold out until the day after Thanksgiving just because I don't want to start the Christmas festivities until Thanksgiving is over. I guess I feel bad for Thanksgiving because Christmas always steals its spotlight haha! I love the comment Rachel made about the moose! haha! Funny girl!