Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BIG Update!!!

I know, I know. I haven't updated in FOREVER. I don't know what is wrong with me. I usually keep up with my blog like it's my 4th child! No wait... that is Arnold.. ha! Anyway, here is a really long post to get caught up. Sorry it's so long but you gotta do what you gotta do! :)
We met some friends at Mcdonalds and had a "bookswap." We have decided to get together once a month and swap out kids' books with each other, so our kids get some new reading material and we don't have to go buy any! I think it's an awesome idea. Rachel also got to have lunch with her little buddy and play outside on the playarea-- but not for long, because it was FREEZING cold and windy that day!

I went over to my friend Natalie's house to visit her and her new baby, Paul! He is the sweetest. he was born about 5 weeks early, and had to spend some time in the NICU, but now he is home and doing great! He is only around 5 pounds right now! I got to sit there and just hold him for an hour. He snuggled right up in my arms and slept the entire time! he is such a good baby. It was so fun getting to chat with Natalie too, I don't get to see her very often! Her daughter Izzy even drew me a picture before I left, and gave it to me to take home. So sweet! :)

On Veteran's day the kids were off of school. So we just hung around the house and played, watched movies, went to visit Daddy for lunch at work, etc.

Last weekend we made some homeade pizza. We put pepperonis and banana peppers on them, and it was sooo good! Arnold put the really HOT peppers on his and was regretting it later! haha! ;)

Last friday night, my Sister-in-law went to the movies to see Breaking Dawn, Part 2. We weren't crazy enough to go to the midnight showing on Thurs, but we DID get there early and wait in line and hour, to score good seats. I filled up our popcorn bucket for a snack.. movie popcorn is the best! And oooohhh my goodness.. the movie was so good! I actually didn't know what to expect, but it was really good, maybe the best of them all! There was a surprising part, but I won't spoil it for any who haven't seen it ;) And yes, Jacob takes his shirt off in this one too, so I was happy! ;) we didn't get home until after 1am, so that was sooo late for me, but it was worth it! Fun girl's night out!

Been spending some quality time with the kids, which is always fun!

I know its super early, but Santa arrived at the mall last Saturday, and the kids wanted to go sit on his lap. So we let them. Brooke asked for a list of things a mile long.. Santa told her she had really thought things out, lol! :)

It was actually Rachel's first time ever sitting on Santa's lap! I was proud of her.. she has been too scared to in the past! She told Santa she wanted a Tv! That is not happening! :)

Caleb sat on his lap last. He told Santa he wanted a gun for Christmas. He has been listening to his daddy and grandpas way too much! Later he told me "Just a TOY gun mommy!" haha! I was kinda embarassed by the time we got done, lol! 

We did a little browsing/shopping at the mall. All the pretty decorations were up and I was really in the spirit! This would have been a great pic if Brooke's eyes weren't shut!

Sunday we went with Brooke's girlscout troop to Disney on Ice! I had never been to anything like that, and it was really neat. We rode down with some friends, and Brooke got to sit in the backseat with a friend and her cousin, Bekah. That was interesting, to say the least! We stopped for a quick lunch on the way down. The show was at 1pm. I loved watching all the iceskaters and seeing the characters, I felt like a kid again! At intermission we got dippin dots for a snack! Rainbow for Brooke and chocolate for me. It was $12! They have crazy prices at those kinds of places, but they know the parents will probably buy them! We are suckers! Anyway, it was a fun mommy/daughter date for the day, and I am so glad we went!

~A few weekends ago I got to have dinner with my friend Cori. We hardly EVER get to see each other, so that was so fun. We met at Olive Garden, and I'm so glad because I never get to eat there anymore. It's either too expensive to take a family of 5, or I don't want to wait in line! But i'm glad we went because i had forgotten how good the lasanga, breadsticks and salad there are! We even got in on that deal "dinner today and take home dinner for tomorrow." So I was able to take a dish home for Arnold, too!

~I got to also catch up with my friend Chrissy this past week. We met for dinner one night at Rancho Veijo, a mexican place. I feel spoiled eating out so much lately, I usually don't do that! Chrissy recently found out she was pregnant so we finally have something in common again, ha! ;) So we chatted for an hour or so, about the past, babies, and everything else. She is going to be so cute when her bump starts showing!! :)

~My friend Jackie introduced me to some local used bookstores recently! Why I haven't been going there all along, I don't know. I don't even think I knew they were there! I took in some novels of mine that had just been sitting around here forever, and got $49 worth of store credit to use! I went back one day by myself, and got LOADS of kids books. (and a few for me, ha!) I left with two big bags of new books, so I was very excited. I see many trips there in my future! :)

~I have gotten addicted to the Facebook yardsales, and also the Amazon lightning deals. I have gotten waaay too much for the kids for Christmas this year. This always happens.. I just get too excited. I think I get more excited about the deals than the actual items. I have filled up the car AND van trunks with stuff. We don't have alot of storage room in the house for the gifts, plus the kids are nosy!!!!

~We have been talking about painting the rooms in the house for the longest time. They need it done badly. Well Arnold surprised me last night and brought home 2 gallons of paint, in the shade I wanted, and he is going to paint our living room as an early Christmas present! I am so thrilled! He has already started patching up places in the wall that the kids have messed up, or the chairs, or whatever. I hope the blue shade I picked turns out as pretty on the walls as it does in my head! Ha!

~I have been having some issues lately, with feeling lightheaded, shaky, etc and not doing right at all. They ran some bloodwork on me, thinking it might be iron or something, but all my labwork came back perfect! (I mean I was even surprised how good my numbers were!) So we think my anxiety is creeping back in.. maybe I am tolerant to the dosage of medicine now I have weaned myself down to, and my body is craving more. I don't know. But I have had a few panic attacks lately. I'd forgotten just how scary those things are. Please pray for me if you can spare a minute, I don't want to slip back into that mess, I have come so far from that!! thank you all :)


  1. praying for you and glad you had fun at Disney on Ice, I thought it was an awesome show!! :)

  2. Praying for you! Sounds like you have so much fun in the last week!!