Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that I changed around my blog some the other night. Layout, some new buttons, and even changed my font! Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the pink color behind my title heading. Does anyone know how?!

~I'm loving that no matter who is president, Jesus is still King! I have heard this a lot on facebook this past week, and it is absolutely true. The outcome last night was not what I was hoping, but now at least we know and can start to move on. I am worried for us to be honest, but I know God is in control and what we need to do now is pray, pray, pray!!

~I'm loving that I finally found a Nintendo DS at a decent price, for Brooke. Now both the kids have one for Christmas, and I am so relieved I have all this done and it's not even December yet! The ds is even PINK, and I know she will love that :)

~I'm loving that the other night we had cheddar broccoli soup and italian bread for dinner. It was sooo yummy! It really hit the spot after such a chilly day. This week has been so cold, I do not care for cold weather at ALL. One thing I don't like around the Holidays.

~I'm loving that yesterday I had a day with the kids. They were off school, it was a "teacher workday" so they could have parent-teacher conferences all day. It was strange having it on a Tuesday, but oh well! The kids and I got to go see their daddy and Paw for lunch yesterday, at their work. And we hung around here and played, read, and watched some movies.

~I'm loving that we put up our Christmas decorations early. Yes, we already did!! I know some of you think I am nuts, and that is ok. The kids have been bugging me forever to put them up, and I was moving some furniture yesterday to vaccuum, so I rearranged some stuff and went ahead and brought up our tree. Then we added some other decorations and even our stockings. It's so surreal to see everything up, doesn't feel like it's already time! I can't believe Christmas is NEXT month!!! I can't wait!

~I'm loving that I got to talk to both my mom and dad on the phone last night. I called mom to tell her a few things, and dad ended up grabbing the phone and talking to me, too. I love that I am so close to both my parents. I was really blessed with wonderful parents!

~I'm loving that tomorrow I am going with my friend Jackie to some used bookstores. She knows of a few around here that she goes to sometimes, and asked If I wanted to go with her sometime. Well we all know the answer to that! Anytime I can find new books, I am in! ;)

~I'm loving that I finished another book last night. I was reading one called "Expecting Adam" about a little boy with Down Syndrome. It was pretty good. I had actually bought the book for really cheap at a yardsale last month. I love finding cheap books!! And next I am on to book #5 of the Harry Potter series! (thanks again Jackie! ;)

~I'm loving that my friend Erika's daughter Katelyn is starting to do better. She is a diabetic, and was admitted to the hospital the other day because her blood sugar got dangerously high. She was really sick and scaring everyone. I was praying for her alot! Their family is really important to us, and being a mother myself, I know Erika was a wreck! But she is home now, and resting and trying to get better!

~I'm loving that there are ONLY 48 days until Christmas! :) :) :)

~I'm loving that last night I got a phonecall from my social worker. She said that Joseph's 8 year pics and updates got to them yesterday, and they will be in the mail and getting to me in a few days! I am so incredibly excited! I can't wait to see how much he has changed and read how he is doing. I will be sure to share some pics when I can :)

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  1. My kind of girl! I am all about early decorations. :-)