Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

Thanksgiving morning we all got up and turned on the parade to watch. The kids didn't seem too interested.. weird, because I always loved watching it as a kid! We were due over at Mom and Dad's for lunch but had some time to kill, so we went to walk around Kmart for awhile (yeah, we lead exciting lives! ;) There were of course a lot of deals going on, but I held back, and I was proud of myself. Especially with the $4 Mini Lalaloopsy dolls deal! We got over to mom and dad's around 11:30am. My brother and his girlfriend were in town visiting which was great, because we don't get to see them that often anymore. They were sweet and played a board game with the kids while I browsed through all the Black Friday ads (a tradition, haha) I love seeing all the deals, even though I didn't think I'd go out to get anything. We had lunch around 1:30pm or so. My mom is an awesome cook, and she had made quite the spread! We had a fried turkey, ham, roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls, sweet tea, oreo cake balls, and cherry pie, and chocolate cheese cake. I ate so much my stomach was hurting afterwards!!! Mom even made a special "punch" type drink for the kids, so they could have a special drink too ;) After lunch we all hung around the house for awhile and took lots of pictures! Mom and dad packed us up some leftover food to take home.
That afternoon we took the kids over to see their other grandparents. They had already had their meal so we didn't eat with them, but of course the kids begged for snacks! What is it with kids and snacks.. I don't see how they can eat all day long! Anyway, as soon as we got back home the kids said they were hungry AGAIN, so we heated up the leftovers for them to eat. I had said I wasn't going out to do any Black Friday shopping, but I saw a few good deals, so decided to try my luck at Toys R Us. they were opening at 8pm this year.. and giving away giftbags with free stuff to the first 200 people in line. I got up there around 7pm and waited in line an hour just to get to the door, then another 30 mins to get IN and check out. Of course I MISSED the giftbag by just a few people (figures.) But I did get Brooke the Polly Pocket Roller Coaster for 60 percent off, so at least I got something! I usually am scared of Black Friday, so I am shocked I went out at all. I even went by myself! I met a few people in line, and had fun watching everyone come out and get to be nosy and see what they bought ;) I also went by Michaels to get their 7-pack set of canvases since I am being all crafty this year! And picked up a few Melissa and Doug food sets and got to use a coupon too. There was no wait there.. that is my kind of shopping! I ended up getting back home around 9:30, so not too bad. But I did miss "Glee!" Ahhhh, I guess I will have to catch it on the internet later.
Friday Brooke and I went to the Southern Christmas Show with mom. It is a tradition that Mom and I go every year, and this year Brooke decided she wanted to "be one of the big girls" and go with us, so that was fun. We drove down to Greensboro for the show. If you have never been, its pretty neat.. there are tons of vendors selling homeade goods, everything from candles, soap, wooden toys, ornaments, etc. There are TONS of things to look at and buy. And the crowds are just as bad as black friday, but it is still fun. Mom buys us these beautiful pewter ornaments every year to add to our collection, and this year we picked a crab for me (I am a Cancer sign), a banjo for Arnold, a cheerleader for Brooke, a tin soldier for Caleb, and a carousel horse for Rachel. After walking around awhile Brooke said she was hungry and was begging for lunch. I knew she wouldn't last long! So we finished up our shopping and went to lunch down the road at Fatz. I love that place.. especially the yummy bread they bring out before ;) Carbs are my weakness! I had the chicken wrap, and it was so yummy!
Friday evening Mom and dad took the kids overnight for us, so Arnold and I could have a date. We don't get them very often, so we were thrilled! We went to dinner at Quiznos. I haven't been there in awhile, but really love their subs. Then we went to do more black friday shopping.. crazy, I know. We went to pick up more crafting stuff for our projects, then went to Target to look around. I was hoping they'd have the Little People Princess pack so I could get it for Rachel's Princess Castle (her Santa gift this year) but of course they were all sold out. boooo! We ran into a friend from church there, and they just had a baby earlier in the week.. so sweet! :) Then we went to the Christian bookstores and I got some books I had been wanting to read for only $5 each! Yay! I now have a seriously huge pile of books to read, no clue how long it will take me to finish, since i am still working on the Harry Potter series! Eventually it got so it was freezing outside and windy, and Arnold was practically begging to go home, so we did. When we got home we carried in everything from the trunks of our cars that we have bought them for Christmas (we had been storing them there) and looked over everything. I think its safe to say the kids have enough AND beyond what they need for Christmas. I think I get a little too excited?! We were going to start wrapping, but by then we were exhausted, so we just went to bed. We got a full night's sleep with no interruptions and it was so wonderful!
Saturday morning we went to pick the kids up from mom  and dad's, then came home and made some homeade pizzas for lunch while the kids played with a few new toys we had gotten them (earlier in the week from the online yardsales) I got Rachel some dollhouse furniture to go in her dollhouse, Brooke a few Barbies and clothes, and Caleb the "Operation" game. They had so much fun playing.. it had been awhile since I had dressed Barbies up in clothes.. I forgot how hard it was to get those things on! Saturday afternoon I also got a nap!!!! :)
Sunday we went to church. This week's lesson was on "generosity" which is something we all need to remember, especially this time of year! We have more than what we need, and need to remember others that may not have anything at all. After church we came home and made lunch and Arnold worked some more on painting the living room. After 7 years of living in this house our walls are finally a color instead of white! It is definitely taking some getting used to! That evening we watched the 4th Harry Potter movie that my friend Jackie let us borrow. It was pretty good, but pretty creepy at the end! and I had NO idea that Robert Pattinson played Cedric's character... that was funny to see him in the movie!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)
Rachel in her turkey dress! It was adorable!

My brother Alex, and I. He is 4 years younger than me but taller!

Our family on Thanksgiving! :)

The kids' uncle Alex, Bree, and Daddy playing a game with them before lunch.
Brooke and Grandma at the Christmas Show on Friday

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