Sunday, March 3, 2013

March is Here!

Well we have made it to March! Finally, I have hope for warmer days to come. Even though as of now it is still pretty chilly, I have looked ahead at the forecast and starting towards the end of next week, it is supposed to be warming up for several days in a row! I can't wait to put the kids in some of their new Spring clothes. I can't wait for all the festivities coming up for St. Paddy's Day and Easter. And I can't wait for Daylight Saving's Time, so that we will have more sunlight in our days! Here is a look at what is going on this month for us Deals. (mainly me, but you get the idea, ha!)

On my Nightstand (What I'm Reading)

I started this last night actually. The Pioneer Woman's book she wrote about her and her husband. I don't know much about her, I mean come on-- I don't even like to cook! But I know she is popular right now and I saw the book, and I will read just about anything! Well it is actually pretty good so far.. I read several chapters while Arnold was at a show. It feels like Fiction when I'm reading it.

Next I want to start on Divergent. I saw several people talking about it on Facebook, and they said it was really good, and that if you liked the Hunger Games series, you would like this series. So I thought I'd try out the first book to see how I liked it. 

In Theaters

Have yall seen this Wizard of Oz coming that's coming out this month? If I make it to the movies this month (which I don't do often anymore) this would be my pick!

And I know I won't get there TWICE, but this would be my other pick. "Admission." And I love Tina Fey AND Paul Rudd... so I'm sure it will be hilarious. 

On the Small Screen

I rented "The Off Life of Timothy Green" this weekend. Another thing to keep me busy while Arnold was gone at his shows. I didn't know what to think but I'm glad I rented it. I especially love the whole adoption aspect of it. After awhile I figure out what was going on with his leaves, also. But I won't say anything, don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to see it!

I hope to convince Arnold to watch this with me. I went to see it when it came out in theaters of course, but I'd love to watch it again. I told Arnold all about the unexpected battle scene and didn't tell him the big surprise though.. and so I think he might watch it with me!

This is another I've been wanting to rent. Arnold and I have read a lot of this guy's books, and now one was made into a movie. It is Christian-based. Worth a shot,  I guess. Anyone seen it?

In my Mailbox

I've been doing a lot of shopping for Easter lately. Brooke has been begging me to get her a Kirby game for her DS, ever since she beat her Kirby game on the Wii. I don't know why she is so obsessed with Kirby, but she loves the games. I didn't know they were so hard to find in stores. So I found this one on Ebay. And it came the other day. It will be in her Easter Basket.

Along with this Lego Friends bunny house set. They had a "daily deal" on it one day, and I thought with the Bunny, it would fit the Easter theme.. right?! LOL! Brooke has started liking legos lately. 

 I found this on Amazon one day, and decided to get it for Arnold. I haven't told him about it, thought I would surprise him. It's a head massager. I know it looks weird.. but people swear it feels good. They say it gives you a tingly feeling?? LOL.. has anyone tried anything like this??

Projects to Tackle

Most of our projects this month will be holiday-based, since there are TWO this month. I saw this cute rainbow you can make, it would be cute for a St. Patrick's Day craft.

I also thought about getting the kids Lucky Charms for breakfast that morning. They always see it in stores and beg me to get it for them, but they are really sugary. I love my sugar, believe me, but I felt bad buying that stuff. Well every once in awhile won't hurt, right?! They will love the surprise, I know!

As for Easter, I loved this cute idea. You could do this for friends, teachers, neices and nephews, or whoever you wanted to. It's a bunny in a jar! You can put candies in the bottom like M&M's or jellybeans or eggs, then wrap around some "grass." Did you know they have EDIBLE easter grass for baskets now? I have never gotten any.. it would probably be gross.. but at least it's cute! Then stick a cute chocolate bunny in the jar. and top with a pretty ribbon and gifttag! Cute, easy gift!

I thought this was just precious, maybe for Easter morning or at least that weekend. Take a pancake, use blueberries for eyes, a strawberry for a nose, syrup to draw a mouth, and mini marshmellows for teeth. They used pieces of cantalope for the ears. I'm sure you could mix and match with different things to make it your own. But I love it!

Make an Easter card for parents, grandparents, etc. Using the kids' thumbprints to make little chicks! I think I will make this with the kids.

And I know this is a little gross, but I figured my kids would get a kick out of it! Filling an easter egg in their basket with little brown things, like chocolate covered raisins, and calling them Easter Bunny droppings! Ha! My kids are at the age where they love gross humor.. they would get a kick out of it.

Losing 5-7 more pounds-- that is my goal at least! I have started a weight-loss journey, and in two weeks I have lost 3 lbs so far! I hope to keep motivated. It would be AWESOME if I lost 10lbs by Easter and got a cute dress to wear! ;)

What I'm Looking Forward To

St Patrick's Day! I kind-of hate it is on Sunday this year. But I will have the kids wear their shirts to school the Friday before that weekend, probably. Brooke had one that says "This is my Lucky Shirt!" and of COURSE we will all be wearing GREEN! My fave. color so it will make me happy :)

Easter!!! I love everything about Easter. The true meaning of course. Filling up the baskets with goodies for the kids. Watching them run around the yard so excited as they find eggs. Dressing them up in the pretty outfits I picked out for them (this year they are in yellow and blue! The girls even have matching dresses! and I don't care who thinks it's cheesy! ;) 

The First Day of Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until we can officially say it is Spring. My favorite season of them all. I do not like Winter at ALL! I can't wait to see the flowers bloom, our grass becoming green, and feeling the sunshine while we are outside playing! 

The School Book Fair!!!!!!!!!!!! This is actually coming up tomorrow. I look forward to this all school year! Something about brand new books that makes me soooo excited. I am such a nerd! I love picking out new books for the kids' collections. Arnold said I'd better not go crazy and blow his whole band gig check on books! Haha! I told him I COULD easily do it, but I won't ;) To be fair, we ARE running out of places to put books in this house!

Arnold recently joined our church's praise team, and his first time playing will be March 10th! He is playing both services. We invited a bunch of family and friends out to church with us that morning, to see him play. Then we are planning a big lunch together at Dos Amigos after church. I think it will be a lot of fun!

The band Arnold is in is going to be playing a "festival" at a local business, on the 24th. They are trying to promote their business. I know the owners, they are actually the parents of a good friend of mine. This is a kid-friendly event, so I will get to take the kids out! They love getting to go see their Daddy play :)

The kids have been invited to 2 birthday parties this month. One is at Chuck E Cheese, and one is a big egg hunt at their church. And I am going to a friend's husband's birthday dinner at Chili's. Everyone knows I love birthdays, so I am looking forward to all of those!

The Pregnancy Care Center is having a fundraiser banquet on the 21st. I plan to go to that. 

Celebrating my mother-in-law's 62nd birthday this month! She doesn't look that old though ;)

Hope everyone has an awesome month!!!!! 

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