Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Brain Dump

Can you guys get over the weather today? Well those of you who live near me, haha. Around here it is sunny and in the 60's. I don't know what is up with this weather lately, warm one day and freezing the next. It is no fun. But I have to take advantage of the days we do get! The kids and I will be outside later! :)

Arnold and I found ourselves up until midnight the other night, stuck again on watching Grey's. We are mid-way thru season 3 and it started getting really good, so we weren't able to turn it off and go to bed, we had to keep watching more! I won't spoil it in case there are still others who haven't watched but we got to the episode with the Ferryboat accident. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a pic of my new haircut. Not the best pic, but as you can see, it's a lot shorter! I love it shorter because it has more body and is much easier to deal with. 

Was able to have a girls' night on Saturday with some of my friends. We went to dinner at Chili's. It being a Saturday night we had to wait FOREVER and didn't get the greatest service. But the food was good (I got chicken tacos and rice) and the company was great, of course ;) These are my friends Tiffany and Erika, we all went to school together. Chasity and Jennifer were also there, they left before we took this pic. Their daughters are both in Brooke's class, and they are all friends, too :)

This is Arnold this week, has has almost lost 10 pounds now, and I am very proud of him! I am starting to see it! He is very hairy right now, he needs to shave, haha! He is wearing his new shirt he got on our trip the other day-- he loves his button ups. He got called Bo from Dukes of Hazzard the other day, lol. He also wore his new tacky shoes to work, but they aren't showing in the pic ;)

Arnold made us some chocolate chip cookies the other night after the kids went to bed. He makes the BEST cookies.. he always times them just right and they are done, and soft, and not burned in the slightest. I mess everything up! Thank goodness for a husband who is pretty decent at cooking! ;)

I recently finished this book. It is based on the Brown family in that new TLC show called "Sister Wives." I started watching the show because I was curious. Not that I agree with it or would ever do this, but how others live fascinates me. I am a nosy person ;) So i wanted to watch, and then read this book. I read just about anything I can get my hands on, anyway. It was a quick read. I will probably sell it now.. I usually don't keep many books I read because I want to make room for more!

My dad got my mom a pasta maker machine for Christmas. They used to have one a long time ago and used to make me and my brother homeade pasta, but it broke and they never replaced it. When I saw it I was excited and told them I wanted some! So my dad made us some the other night, and mom added her homeade sauce. It was so yummy! Both my parents love to cook, and are awesome cooks, by the way. No, they did not pass that trait onto their daughter ;)

~We ended up selling the girls' Furby to a girl that works with Arnold. The kids never played with it, it was annoying as hell (sorry, but it was) and we paid way too much to let it just sit there on the shelf. So we have some extra money now and got rid of that thing! Oh well, sometimes Christmas gifts aren't that big of a hit. Also-- we did not tell the girls. You know how kids are, they start a fuss when they find out their stuff is missing. But they haven't even noticed yet! I wonder how long it will take??

~Tomorrow morning I have my mid-year conference with Caleb's teacher. I hope he is doing well, last time he was having some struggle with his sight words and reading, and staying on task. I hope to hear good new this time around!

~We got a note in Brooke's planner saying she is getting an award Thurs. morning at their award ceremony. So Arnold and I are going to go see her, and take pictures. I don't know what it is for.. but I am proud of her for getting one!

~Arnold is taking Brooke to the Girl Scout father/daughter dance Friday evening. They went last year and had a blast. I need to figure out what in the world Brooke is going to wear. And what the little kids and I are going to do that night while they are gone.

~The band Arnold is in just booked a ton of gigs, from soon thru the end of March. I am surprised at how many times they are going to be playing out. I am excited about the extra money for our family, and of course Arnold loves playing music, so that is good. I know I will miss him though! It is hard to go to the shows since we don't always have sitters! My friend told me I am now a "band widow" haha. I am now starting to see what she means!! ;)

~And I'm leaving this post with a request-- can everyone say a prayer for my mother-in-law? She is having surgery tomorrow. Around lunchtime to be exact. We are sure she will be fine, but prayers always help! Thank you all, and have a great day! :D

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