Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend in Review

We had a weekend jam-packed full of fun stuff to do. I was exhausted by the end of it! ha!

Friday evening we were killing time before a birthday party, so we went by Target to pick up some things we needed. The girls love hats and tried some on for fun. 

Then we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate a friend's birthday. The kids love that place and go nuts. They were given tokens to play games and ride rides, then we had some pizza and cake, and watched Miss Adriana open up her gifts. She even got a bike from her Gigi and Papa.. score!! :)

Here is little miss playing some games. Isn't the tutu she is wearing cute? Kelly made it for her.. she is all crafty like that! I need to have her make Rachel one for her bday!!

Some father-son bonding time. Arnold becomes a kid again when him and Caleb play games together. I sort-of wish it wasn't a violent game they were playing........... but Arnold swears it won't screw Caleb up, so I am taking his word for it!!

Daddy with his girls. Isn't this sweet?! They were on one of the rides.

Saturday morning we went to try to new Dunkin Donuts that opened near us. The kids wanted donuts and so we let them all pick out their own kind. Rachel wanted one with sprinkles. They even had little clover-shaped sprinkles in honor of St. Paddy's Day. I tried their breakfast sandwich and it was sooo good. I had asked the girl for the combo but she got my order wrong so I didn't get the yummy hashbrowns i had heard so much about! Oh well, an excuse to go back!

Then we went to the library to let the kids play. They love that place, it keeps them entertained for a long time, and it's free!!! The kids put on a play for us in this little house, with some puppets they found.

Then they built some stuff with legos and played with some games and puzzles.

Then they sat in a group, on a big stuffed bear, and listened to me read some stories to them. I could have sat there all afternoon. Sitting in a library surrounded by tons of books makes me happy. It takes me back to being a kid. Arnold thinks I am such a nerd, and maybe I am!!

Playing outside at Grandma and Paw's. The weather was AWESOME! It neared 80 degrees that day. I love that the kids got to wear some of their new spring clothes. Brooke is wearing her bunny shirt since it is nearing Easter. I also put her hair in some playful pigtails :)

There is a cute little kitten that hangs out around my inlaw's house lately. The neighbors feed it, but it doesn't belong to anyone. It is skittish around humans. We got close enough to it to take some pics and talk to it, but it didn't want to be touched! I wish I could have kept it.... maybe... haha!

The kids wearing their green, in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Brooke is holding a doll that used to be mine. She named it Emily and carries it around with her everywhere and sleeps with it.

And here we are all wearing our green. Green is my number 1 favorite color!!

Saturday night I had a girls' night out with some good friends, at Chili's. With Jess, Joanne, Erika, and Kelly. We had a great time! It was just what I needed after a long week. Of course our conversations drifted to the kids most times, but that is ok! Afterwards we went over to Sweet Frog for some icecream. It was the perfect night, if you ask me! ;)

Sunday we went to another birthday party. My friend had set up an egg hunt at her church. I heard they put out over 1,000 eggs. The kids got a ton! They really racked up on candy, which I have been eating (shhh!) They also got to play outside on the playground, and won some prizes and of course enjoyed cupcakes and other yummy goodies. It was a lot of fun.

And here is Joanne and I, watching the kids run around at the party, hopped up on sugar. When we got home we finally crashed. It was a long weekend!!

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  1. Looks like your kiddos had a blast! I have this love/hate relationship with CC. Every time, no matter how much washing and sanitizer my kids end up sick within a week of the visit there :(