Thursday, March 14, 2013

"It's Ok" Thursday

It's ok.... That I completely broke down and cried at urgent care yesterday. I was feeling THAT bad. I mean running mascara and everything.. AND in front of the cute dr. To be fair, they had misdiagnosed me before, thinking I had the flu. So I was walking around with a kidney infection all week. I had to get two shots in my behind also, and who has time for that?!

It's ok... That I fell asleep last night watching a Coldplay concert on my Kindle. They soothe me :)

It's ok... That I already have the kids' easter baskets set up and completely FILLED, waiting down in the basement. I get way too excited over holidays. I love picking out little things to put in there. They look so cute! All I need are some little chocolate bunnies to add and they will be ready to go!

It's ok... That I am excited to go to a kids' consignment sale this weekend, even if I think the kids already have enough clothes for spring/summer this year. I get sucked in everytime.

It's ok... That I think I get as excited about birthday parties as the kids. They were invited to two of them this weekend. One is going to be an egghunt.. that was a great idea for a party!!

It's ok... That I ate something for lunch today that was NOT "diet friendly." I can blame it on not feeling well lately, right?!

It's ok... That the kids have a dance to go to after school tomorrow. That means we pick them up 2 hours later than usual. That more 2 hours more of quiet around here. Is it bad that makes me excited??

It's ok... (kind-of) That Pinterest wasn't around when I was having my babies. They have the BEST ideas on there for showers, pictures, etc. I am helping plan my good friend's baby shower in May, and now I finally get to use the site to get some good ideas!

It's ok... That Caleb was sent to school today with a lunchable since we had run out of food in the house. I can blame that one on sickness too, right?

It's ok... That earlier this week I took the kids to the park after school and sat there for over an hour reading my magazine while they played. The sunshine felt amazing!

It's ok... That Max accidentally escaped the other day. The door had come open and he ran right on out without me knowing. Don't worry, we found him and he's safe inside again!

It's ok... That I find Leonard from the Big Bang Theory just a little bit cute. Am I the only one?? I guess I like the nerds ;) He is a sweet guy! And I LOVE that show!! New episode tonight!!

It's ok... That I am totally excited for tonight's episode of Glee. They are supposed to be singing BSB and NSync tonight?! Can we say flashback to my childhood?! I know it's super cheesy but I like it, and that's ok! Sometimes you just want to be carefree and sing along to things that make you nostalgic :)

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  1. Yup all of that is totally okay. I hope you are feeling better soon.