Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Made me Laugh

Just a little humor for your Tuesday :)

I do this all the time. Then if I hear it pronounced correctly on the movie I get confused ;)

This happens to me all the time. Way to ruin a day!

Thought this was appropriate considering how many times I've been pregnant. And how close together I had my kids. And how much I love babies. LOL! ;)

I always loved that silly Grumpy Cat. Plus, I feel that way about some of my neighbors ;)

Couldn't resist. Luke Bryan is a hottie. Cowboys in general are hot ;)

I love looking at all the cute manicures on Pinterest, I really do. But who has the patience for that?!

Aren't those the most important things in a day anyway??? ;)

Love my reading.. read as many chapters as I can until I can't hold my eyes open anymore.

I like my sleep. I need my sleep. Just ask Arnold. A nap CAN be 3 hours ;)

Arnold gets worried when I go into Target. I don't come back out for a very long time. When I go alone it's even worse ;)

Haha! I could so, so, so use a tummy tuck. 4 kids in 6 years? You don't wanna see this hot mess. BUT, they were worth it ;)

I did this just the other day. Don't know the big deal about going back out to the van.. but.. it's a hassle! especially on a cold, windy day.

For those Harry Potter nerds like myself.. you will understand this one :)

Yeah.. I am usually not very classy. I am a major klutz. Ask anyone.

And look... it's me!!! Case-in-point on the not being very classy thing ;)

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