Thursday, March 7, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Brooke got her haircut. I wanted it shorter so it was more manageable and so it might give it a little more volume. The girl was cursed with her mama's ultra-thin, boring hair. It looks really cute. She almost fought me at first but then gave in when I told her it probably wouldn't be as tangly.

We stopped by the school's bookfair! I look forward to that every year! Arnold went with us this time, so he kept me from going TOO crazy. Although I could have bought SEVERAL more books ;) I let each of the kids pick one they wanted, and I got a few for them also. Brooke picked another in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. 

Rachel somehow conned me into buying her two books. But since they were easy-readers I knew Brooke could use them to practice her reading, so it all worked out! And how can you resist that cute Pete the Cat?!

We went to the kids' school Literacy Night. The chorus and some of the kids and teachers put on Seussical the Musical. It was pretty funny and it was fun to watch. Just wish we had gotten there earlier because the gym was packed and we couldn't see very well. Then they let the kids go back to classrooms and do activities and games. This is in Brooke's very 1st Grade classroom, and her teacher. They were playing Family Feud. 

We went to Sweet Frog to use up one of our Frequent buyer cards. We got a free icecream this time around. I actually sat there and watched everyone eat their icecream and didn't eat any myself! (because of the diet I'm on) I was very proud of my willpower! It sure looked good though! ;)

Arnold spent some time snuggling Rachel. She wasn't feeling too good. She woke up one morning with a hacking cough, runny nose and watery, red eyes. She looked pitiful. And she kept getting chapped lips, too, and asking to use my chapstick. She had to miss one of her best friend's birthday party, too :(

We ate at Subway the last time we went out as a family. I love that place now to get a quick lunch. All of their subs are pretty decent on calories. I usually get a sub with an eggwhite and cheese, and it's really yummy. And when I get chips I get the baked Lay's kind. 

Rachel has been playing dressup with this little tutu skirt my mom found her. She is so girly :)

We went to Toys R Us to pick out a new movie. I really went in there hoping to get a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse movie.. because Rachel has recently become obsessed. She has watched the same movie over and over and over on Netflix (they only have one!) But she saw an "Olivia" movie and begged me for it, so I let her get that instead. I am such a sucker for the "baby" of the family!! ;)

We went to Chick Fila's Kids' Night. Someone in my moms' group mentioned it, so we decided to go up there after Arnold got off work. I'm so glad we did! It was a fun thing to do as a family, passed some time, and wasn't expensive! We got all of us some dinner and ate.. and the kids had icecream too of course. They passed out crafts to color, packs of crayons, and other little things. They had the balloon lady there making creatures for the kids. They also had face painting but we didn't hang around that long. The kids got to play in the play area for awhile, while Arnold and I talked. It was like a "date' ALMOST! ;) A few of my friends from the mom's group were there, so we got to chat some, too.

Caleb got an alien. It was pretty cute. His head didn't last long though, it popped off when we got home.

Rachel colored her hat herself and had Arnold attach the pieces so she could wear it right away :)

Caleb was SUCH a sweet big brother the other night and sat in the recliner with Rachel and tried to make her feel better. This was after I accidentally slammed her hand in the bedroom door :( I didn't see her fingers there and was closing it so they wouldn't go back in there to mess up their room anymore. She was wailing! Her hand was turning blue and was puffy. I felt so bad. She wouldn't even let me touch her for a few minutes. Eventually she let Caleb hold an icepack on her hand and she let me give her some medicine. Then they sat together under a blanket, drank juice, and watched Strawberry Shortcake on tv :)

We got Brooke all dressed up for "Wacky Tacky" day at school. I was pretty impressed.. the colors were clashing, her socks were CHRISTMAS socks, she wore 2 different shoes, and had two different bows in her hair, that clashed. Then AFTER she had gone to school, I realized that today was the WRONG day to dress up for that-- I got the days mixed up. I felt horrible! I remember being a little girl and how embarrassed you can get over little things, and I knew Brooke would be feeling ridiculous, she is so sensitive. So I got ready in a flash, ran up to the school, they paged her to the office, and I took her to the bathroom to change her clothes. I kept apologizing to her and guess what? She wasn't even mad or upset! She just said she was a little confused and her friends kept asking her why she had two different shoes on! Ha! This is probably one of those stories we will re-tell over the years :) So that is two mommy fails just in THIS week. I think I have hit my quota!!!!

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