Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List!

I wanted to make a Summer Bucket List of things for our family to do this year. So we would remember what we wanted to do.. it is easy for the summer to slip away before you know it! So here is what we have down.. and I am putting stars beside things we have already done. Although some of these you can do several times if you wanted to!! Anyone have any more ideas for us???

1. Catch lightning bugs*
2. Go to a movie at the theater*
3. Visit a splash pad*
4. Go swimming*
5. Play in the sprinkler*
6. Ride bikes*
7. Go out for icecream*
8. Go to VBS 
9. Have a picnic at the park
10. Go on a scavenger hunt
11. Go to a parade
12. Celebrate all 3 kids birthdays
13. Back to school shopping
14. Lay in grass and cloud watch
15. Stay up really late
16. Go bowling
17. Go skating
18. Go to a fireworks show
19. Go to the fair
20. Go to a farmer's market
21. Go to yard sales
22. Go to the local cruise-in
23. Make smores
24. Go to a baseball game
25. Have a NO MEDIA DAY
26. Make sidewalk chalk people
27. Have a water gun fight
28. Go feed the ducks
29. Join a summer book club
30. Put together a big puzzle

I also found this idea and liked it, and wanted to share. Would work good for those of you who like keeping up a sort of schedule...

"Make Something Monday" (crafts, baked goods, etc)

"Try Something Tuesday" (learn a new language, write a letter, etc)

"Wander Somewhere Wednesday" (park, scavenger hunt, out to lunch, etc)

"Thoughtful Thursday" (read a book, write in a journal, do a puzzle, etc) Thoughtful could also mean doing something for someone else.. a kind deed, etc! :)

"Fun & Fabulous Friday" (a fun activity like bowling, skating, swimming, etc)

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