Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving that my good friend Chrissy's baby could be here any day now! I can't wait to go visit her and hold the baby in my arms! Nothing better than a newborn!

~I'm loving that I finally got everything settled with college. I am applied, in, have my emails and accounts set up, and got approved for financial aid. Now I am just waiting to sign up for my classes, which starts in July!

~I'm loving that we finally got to visit the splash pad that opened not too far from us. We went with some friends and Rachel ran around for the first time this year in her bathing suit! 

~I'm loving how well Rachel is doing with the potty training thing. She is in underwear all the time now, even at night. She has had some accidents, but what kid doesn't? It was really hard to get her trained and I am so happy it is happening in time for preschool!

~I'm loving, LOVING, LOVING, that the weather forecast for Saturday has gotten so much better. When I first checked on it for Rachel's party it said 60% chance of rain and storms. Not so good. I have been praying every day, and each day the percentages have gone down! Now it only says 20% chance of rain. No storms. Let's just hope it stays that way! :)

~I'm loving that Brooke and Caleb have some friends that live so close to us, and that they have been playing with a lot recently. A few of them we had no idea they lived so close! It will work out great this summer for us.

~I'm loving my friends. They are so fun to be with and we always have a great time. They are supportive of me, even when I go crazy and bug the heck out of them (like I know I have done this week while going on and on about party plans!)

~I'm loving that we are finally almost done with season 8 of Grey's. I know a huge, sad season finale is coming up and I am dreading it but.. oh well. We can watch season 9 on Hulu hopefully and then be caught up with everyone else in the world!! 

~I'm loving this bathing suit I got Rachel. I was going to give it to her for her birthday, but I gave it to her early so she could wear it to her party!!! Isn't it adorable? I love the monogram "R." We are big on stuff like that in the south ;)

~I'm loving these octopus lollipops we made for the party! Well technically my husband made them. Using colored tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. There are several more now, but I was excited and took a pic of the first ones done ;) And I know Octopus' have more than 4 legs, but it was hard to keep that many pipe cleaners on! Don't judge! ;)

~I'm loving this Keroppi cake! Remember Keroppi from the Sanrio group? Everyone loved Hello Kitty when I was a little girl but I loved him. I still have a stuffed Keroppi from when I was a kid. I wonder if someone could make a cake similar to this for my bday coming up?? ;)

~I'm loving the GREAT deal I got on Rachel's bday present this year! I got this same play kitchen, for $20, from a lady who was selling it online. It is great condition, her son never played with it. I know some kids might not like kitchens anymore at age 4, but Rachel LOVES playing with her toy food, and actually mentioned wanting one awhile back, so it will be perfect for her. And you can't beat $20 for a kitchen that is $90 in stores!! :)

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