Friday, June 14, 2013

Week Recap

I've been slacking on the blog lately! It has been the first week of Summer break around here, so I have been trying to keep the kids busy! Here is a little look at what we have been up to the past week, and some pictures! :)

We had Rachel's big sealife bash for her bday! A whole post to come on that later ;)

I took the kids to visit their friend Katelyn in the hospital. She was there 5 days, with blood sugar issues. We went to hopefully lift her spirits and take her a little gift. The kids played games and colored with her for awhile before we left. Thankfully they have gotten to come home now!

The kids love to do weird things and they decided to get into the closet. They also shut the doors on themselves and thought it was hilarious.

I took the kids to a new splash pad in our area. Rachel was sporting her new bathing suit, isn't it cute?! They had fun running around in the water and playing at the park. It was dreadfully hot, though, so we didn't stay as long as we had hoped.

Caleb taking a break in the grass, trying to dry off from the sun. Bad mommy moment-- I forgot to bring the towels with us! Ha!

Wed. afternoon my friend Chrissy had her baby girl! She was 4 days overdue and she was so, so ready! I was so excited when she messaged me.. and as soon as Arnold got home from work we went to visit them! I got to hold her for a little while and she even opened her eyes for me once! I can't wait to go back and visit them again soon at their house! 

I got her to open her hand and hold onto one of my fingers! Precious! 

After we came out of the building we ended up at the backside and had to walk around. We ended up walking by this and Arnold wanted to stop and look. Then I noticed a security guard watching us and frowning. He probably thought we were trouble makers.. ha! ;)

A friend had an icecream party for the kids, to kick off the Summer! It has become a tradition.Her husband actually made homeade icecream and they had lots of toppings. The kids had a blast and were super messy when all was said and done! 

I got to spend some time with some of my best friends and we had girl talk! Mostly talked about kids, memories of being young, and how tired of summer vaca we already are! ha! 

I worked at the Pregnancy Care Center thurs. evening. The kids like to try to wait up on me to get home so they can tell me goodnight. Rachel tried her best, but was sacked out on the couch when I got home. It was so cute! She ended up sleeping there the entire night! 

~My "little" brother turned 24 this week! He is 4 years younger than me.. although he is taller than me now! I hope we get to see him this weekend if they come into town! :)

~Arnold has been working overtime all week, so that hopefully we can get caught up. We have had a lot of things come up lately! He is the best husband ever, and always works so hard for us. But it has made him so tired! He has been falling asleep earlier than me at night, and that is unheard of!!! ;)

~Brooke had a playdate with her friend Zoey this week. They have been calling each other on the phone and talking, and it is so adorable. I'm sure oneday she will want to spend most of her time on the phone! I remember those days so well!

~The kids went to our church Summer Adventure Wed. night. It is sort of like a VBS-- they have crafts, games, snacks, and lessons, etc. The kids had a great time. We plan on taking them back next week, too. It gave them a chance to get out of the house, and Arnold and I a little time to ourselves! 

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