Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Friday evening my mom and I went over to my friend Chrissy's house to see her new baby girl. Mom hadn't gotten to see her yet, so I used that as an excuse to go see her AGAIN! ;) I held her most of the time and she slept in my arms. I miss holding newborns! When I had to leave and pass her along to someone else she started crying. She is so smart, she knew she was going to miss me, and it was a bad thing that I was leaving! ;) I can't wait to go back and see them again! Chrissy is going to be sorry she told me I could come and visit whenever ;)

Saturday evening the band Arnold is in played a show at an Equestrian Center near my parent's house. It worked out well because they said they would watch the kids for us over night and so we just dropped them off on the way there. After we dropped them off we headed there and there was a stage set up and lots of tables, and they were getting everything ready for the people. I had hoped more people would show up to see them, but it was expensive-- $20 a ticket! They were just the opening act.. a guy named Jonathan Birchfield played later in the night. They also had food catered in so it was pretty nice, but just too expensive. I got in free.. so being the wife of a band member has it's perks ;) One of the other band wives and I watched the guys set up. Then when they did sound check Arnold noticed he had left his slide at home. Apparently a slide is important when playing some songs, so he really needed it. He sent me all the way back home to get it (and home is not close to where we were-- at all!) So I booked it, and thankfully no cops were out for me that day. Then I didn't even end up getting it.. long story.. so it was a total waste of gas. At least I had time to swing by Taco Bell's happy hour on the way back and get a Pina Colada freeze ;) Anyway, then the show started and we sat at one of the tables and watched. The guys did well but they had some technical difficulties and it made Arnold pretty mad (he has a temper!) So he was upset but all in all it went really well. They are hoping they will get even more gigs because of the people that were at that particular show. 

Since we were kid-free for the night we decided to go on a date. Since it was Father's Day the next day, Arnold said he would much rather have a night out than a present. We went to dinner at El Paso. After being outside in the sun so long I wasn't very hungry, but I had a taco salad, and it was yummy! Then we wanted to go to the movies, but it was awhile till the next showing, so we went to Target to walk around. Not like I needed anything there-- I am there all the time anyway-- but it is my happy place! ;) Then we went to a 9:45 showing of "The Hangover 3." I usually don't like stupid movies but these movies are funny, so I didn't mind going. I know Arnold would much rather have seen "Man of Steel" but he was waiting to go to that with Caleb (special bonding stuff, etc etc) so we went on. I had my popcorn bucket with me but we were stuffed from dinner so didn't get any. Since everyone and their brother were there watching MAN OF STEEL we had seats in a small theater and it wasn't very crowded. The movie was funny.. and we almost walked out before the very LAST scene.. but saw others staying so we did, too. Well I could have done without it.. woah! If you have seen it, I'm sure you know what I am talking about!! Anyway, it was an awesome evening and I can't believe I stayed up until nearly 1am the next morning.

Sunday morning of course was Father's Day. Since we had stayed up so late the night before we almost slept late and missed church! We were supposed to meet mom and dad over at their church at 8:30 am.. they like going to early service. We rushed and got there about 2 minutes late, so not too bad. My parents had taken the kids into service with them and they are used to going to kids' classes at our church, so they were restless. It was hard keeping them still.. and of course Rachel had to go pee during the middle of it, so I had to take her out. I love her being potty trained but it makes being in public much more difficult now!! After church we went to lunch with my parents and my Grandpa at their country club. They had a big buffet and TONS of desserts.. it was heaven. I was so stuffed when  I got out of there. And lastly we stopped by Arnold's parents' house to see his dad.

Unfortunately I spent the 2nd half of Sunday sick as a dog. I blame Arnold for having me out there in that horse field all evening Saturday! My eyes got swollen, I got a sore throat and my neck got all swollen. I felt horrible. I went home and went to bed and slept until that night after the kids had gone to bed. I felt guilty since it was Father's Day and I had all these plans to let Arnold rest and give him a break, but I couldn't really help it. Thankfully he is understanding and such a sweet man.. makes me all the more happier that I married him! I told him I would make it up to him! :)

The kiddos with their Daddy. Our tree in the backyard is growing!!

Rachel playing dressup at Grandma's house :)

Dinner at El Paso on Saturday night. Date night!

My yummy taco salad, haha.

Arnold and I on Father's Day morning.

My dad and I at the country club on Sunday.

All the family eating lunch on Sunday.

All the dessert choices! My grandpa ended up getting TWO desserts ;)

The one I chose! I LOVE my chocolate! This was rich.. and I couldn't finish it!

Our family on Father's Day, 2013! :)

Brooke was carrying around her owl in her belt.. while in Walmart.. haha!! :)

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