Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that Brooke's appt to the neurologist went so well this week! It was just a follow-up appt, to see how she had been doing lately. They had been watching her for seizures or any more problems at school. I took all the kids with me-- usually Arnold helps me out at appts but he went into work early. The dr said since her last EEG was normal and she got better reports towards the end of school, that they are letting her loose! So she doesn't have to go back anymore unless she has more problems! Prayers were truly answered! I hope we won't have to deal with any more seizures in the future, that was a scary time. And it was a $40 copay just for him to tell us she was ok, but it was worth it!! :)

Brooke celebrating her last visit to the neurologist!

~I'm loving that Caleb lost his first tooth! Brooke lost her's in preschool so I thought he might lose one early, but he didn't until he was nearly 6. He was so excited.. he ran into our bedroom to tell us all about it. He had laid in bed wiggling it himself until it came out. And he got money from the tooth fairy and was just dying to go spend it right away... ;)

~I'm loving that I got to take the kids to go see Arnold and the band play at a thing they did over the weekend. It was a 1st birthday bash for a local Camping Center. They had a balloon lady out there, some local baseball players, people dressed up, lots of food, and games to play. And of course the band ;) It was so HOT, but the kids had a blast. They had several balloons made because they kept popping them.. they kept her busy! They all dunked the girl in the water too, and thought that was hilarious. They have better arms I guess than their parents! ;)

~I'm loving that we got to go spend some time with friends we don't get to see very often, and celebrate their little girl turning 2! I have loved seeing her pics and watching her grow up, she is the cutest! We went to their parents' house and ate lots of yummy food then the kids went swimming in their pool. Jess' dad was the greatest and kept the kids entertained the whole time, he was great with the kids! Brooke had an incident where she slipped and busted her lip on the pool and it swelled up and was bleeding. It FREAKED me out because I thought at first it was a tooth. But after a little ice and attention, she was ok ;) 

The kids had such a fun time swimming with everyone. Arnold and I got to watch on the side and relax, which was awesome after the busy day we had ;)

~I'm loving that we took the kids to the movies to see Monsters University! We NEVER go to the movies.. first off because it is crazy expensive (especially for 5 people) but because until recently the kids were restless and wouldn't sit still. But we all wanted to see it, so we tried it yesterday. After tickets, popcorn, and a drink.. at a MATINEE.. it was still $47! I wish I had thought to sneak in candy and stuff like my mom always did when I was a kid ;) But the kids actually did really well and sat through the entire thing. And the movie was great! It even kept me entertained and had several funny parts. I'd recommend it!

Caleb standing with the Wolverine poster. He loves anything superhero!

~I'm loving that we took the kids to Sweet Frog after the movies. It was nearly 6pm when we did that. I knew it was wrong in so many reasons-- using more money after that pricy trip.. eating so close to dinner, etc. But it is Summer time! You have to let loose sometimes, right?! Haha. We said all the popcorn and icecream could be their dinner for the night! ;)

~I'm loving that I took it upon myself to buy my own birthday gifts this year! Haha. I know it was much easier on Arnold ;) I ordered a copy of the new book "Gone Girl" which i have been wanting to read FOREVER! It should get here any day. I also bought me a big planner at Target. I love the Erin Condon ones, but they are too expensive for me. So I found one for alot less at Target, and it still had a pretty design on the front! And lastly, I got myself a Matchbox 20 cd. I love them.. seriously. They made a good comeback. They are in concert this summer but of course on a weeknight when I can't go! boo! 

~I'm loving my new EOS lipbalm! I got the dark pink one.. I think it was raspberry flavor. It works great and smells so good! I had been reading about them on people's blogs, so decided to grab one when I was in target the other day. Man, I give in to so many of the "trends" thanks to FB and blogs! ha!

~I'm loving the cherry limeade powder packets I picked up the other day! I add them to my water and it makes it easier for me to get all my water in since it gives it flavor. It tastes REALLY yummy. I almost feel like I'm drinking a big Sonic drink with hundreds of calories. But these kinds of packets have no to 5 or 10 calories each.. worth it! ;)

~I'm loving that Arnold and I are going to be able to get a date night tonight! While the kids go to their last night at our church's Summer Adventure. Well not a REAL date night, but at least eat something quick and get some time alone to walk around and just have some quiet. And that is nice!

~I'm loving that we FINALLY finished Grey's Anatomy! All 9 seasons. It only took us 6 months, but we are finally caught up with the rest of the world! And I won't spoil anything, but I was REALLY sad at what happened at the end of the season finale! I can't wait to see what happens this Fall!!

~I'm loving that my friend's baby, Eden, is 2 weeks old today! Can't wait to see you again baby girl! :)

~I'm loving that my birthday weekend is almost here!!! I have so many fun things planned, with family and friends. Dinners, get-togethers, good food, good friends.. ahh I can't wait!! :) :)

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  1. I'm happy to hear that Brooke's visit went well! Must be such a relief.

    Haha I love EOS too. I also tried then just because of blogs, lol.

    Hope you had a fun date night. I love those!

    I completely watched all episodes of greys anatomy a few months ago. Such a great show!

    Woohoo for birthday weekends :)