Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend in Review

Friday at lunchtime we went to my Mother-in-law's retirement party. She has worked at a local paint store for over 30 years. They catered in a lunch and we all had lunch at the store and they had made a video of people leaving her messages and it was really sweet. I think they surprised her. 

Friday evening I went out to dinner with my friend, Chrissy. We ate dinner at Ocharley's. We sat there for hours talking. I have known her since we were 11 years old and so we are very close. She is due this Saturday with her first baby, and I am so excited!! I was hoping it would be like the movies and she would go into labor and I could be the hero, rushing her to the hospital ;) But it didn't happen :( I can't wait to meet sweet baby Eden, whenever she does decide to arrive! ;)

Saturday we took the kids to a birthday party at Skateland. Brooke's friend Emma was turning 7. We have taken the kids to skate a few times, but they are like their Mama and have two left feet. They kept falling down over and over again. At least Brooke wanted to keep trying. The other kids gave up and turned their skates back in! I was sure Brooke was going to have bumps and bruises all over her from falling so much. After skating for an hour we went back to the party area and had pizza and cake. Emma's mom had made an amazing cake with 2 layers, fondant stripes, and a big skate on top. It was gorgeous AND delicious. I might just have to hire her to do Brooke's cake this year! ;)

After the party, since we were in the area, we all went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. I hate going in there for so many reasons, but it was the easiest way for us to get everything we needed, and at cheaper prices than most other places. That night we had a yummy dinner-- Arnold grilled out porkchops and we had veggies, big flaky biscuits, and icecream for dessert, that the kids had picked out.

Sunday morning Arnold had to get up really early and go with the band to another church. They were playing at something called "Thunder Sunday." So I got up and got the kids all ready and fed, and we went to our church. I worked in the baby class since it was my Sunday. One of my good friends  was working in there with me this week, so it was even more fun :) I think we had 7 babies/toddlers, so it kept us busy! 

After church I took the kids home and made some lunch for us. Arnold showed up at home later that afternoon.. and said the thing at the other church was a success, so that was good to hear :) 

Rachel and her buddy Logan at the splash pad

Me holding my friend's baby, Alex. He is a cutie!

Love Rachel's expression in this one. She is so happy! :)

Brooke and some of her 1st Grade class at Skateland.

Brooke is ever taller with her skates on! ;)

Caleb hanging on for dear life!

Brooke and Caleb playing a game of air hockey.

Brooke and 2 of her best friends, Emma and Ava.

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