Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~Now that I have a new phone, I picked myself out a case for it on Amazon. I found this one-- with OWLS.. no surprise there ;) It is supposed to come this week. I found so many other ones I loved, it was hard to pick one!

~Last night the kids went to VBS at their cousin's Christian school, so Arnold and I went on a date! We went to Red Lobster.. they had a deal going on for a "4-course dinner" at a great price, so we did that. They gave you soup, salad, an entree, AND a dessert. I picked the grilled shrimp as my entree. It was insane, I was feeling sick before I even got out of there! They bagged up the desserts to go and later we realized they sent us someone else's desserts by accident. Maybe that was a sign we shouldn't eat anymore?! Ha! But we had a great time out together.

~We were a bit of Netflix junkies this past weekend when it rained so much. I have picked up a few new shows. MAD MEN is the new one Arnold and I watch together before bed. Love old-timey shows like that. I also watched Call the Midwife which is great, and Pretty Little Liars which creeped me out but is still pretty good! I am looking forward to watching all these shows this summer!

~ We finally figured out what to do for Brooke and Caleb's bday party this year. We are doing combined again this year, at Hickory Dickory Dock. They both wanted it, and it's easier that way. Brooke wants a rainbow cake and Caleb wants an Angry Birds cake, so they will each get their own. 

~My brother and his girlfriend were in town this past weekend and surprised me with a giftcard for my birthday, that was so sweet of them! It was to TJ-Maxx, I love that store. I have been once and can't decide what to get! There are SO many cute things for the home, and we are working on fixing up/modernizing our house, so I'm sure I can find something cute!

~Only 3 more days till the Skynyrd/Bad Company concert! I can't wait to take a roadtrip with my hubby and two of my best friends! It will be so fun! I hope it doesn't storm that evening on us.

~Arnold and I got around to renting "Identity Thief." It was pretty funny.

~They just came out with Curious George books and stuffed animals at Kohl's, in the Kohl's Care for Kids section. They have some cute stuff! I hate that I didn't get to go back and buy Rachel all the sealife books and animals before they sold out though :(

~They had an AWESOME sale at the Disney Store over the 4th of July, and I picked up this doll from Brave, for only $3.99. I am going to save it for Brooke's birthday next month.

~Just got an email saying they are doing their Summer clearance book sale at Barnes and Noble online. I went online and browsed, and there are TONS of books, up to 80% off. I usually buy every year, and spent $50 or more and gets TONS of new books. Right now I'm trying to save money, so it's killing me!! Ahh!!

~My mom found a GREAT deal on party favors, I mean super cheap. So she bought up all kinds of stuff, notepads, erasers, punch bags, and more. So now I am set for B & C's party! Thanks mom! ;)

~Max has been extra sweet and cuddly lately.. I don't know why. Everytime I get on the computer he tries to get down onto my lap and rub all over me. He is usually anti-social and kindof mean! Is it because he is a male cat?! Geez...

~I have beeen having some WEIRD dreams lately. I don't know why! I promise I am not on drugs, haha! But I dreamed one night I was riding around with a friend of mine, and she was dressed all fancy, and driving her silver Ferrari. And we were listening to Paula Deen sing on the radio.. about butter. Yep!  I am not right in the head! And I must not be sleeping well if I remember that many details of my dreams! Ha!

~I go this month to sign up for my classes! I can't believe college starts back on August 15th! I start back before the kids even do! And I love how all the stores are starting to fill up with bookbags, lunchboxes, and school supplies! I used to love going to pick out my stuff as a kid, and I can't wait to take the kids this year!

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