Sunday, July 28, 2013

Highs and Lows!

Here are some highs and lows from this week!

High- I finished reading "Divergent." It. was. awesome. Probably liked it even better than the Hunger Games.
Low- I want to read "Insurgent" now but it is still in hardback and expensive.

High- We got approved for our loan through Arnold's work! (401k)
Low- It is mostly going to pay off debt and medical bills. Not too fun.

High- We steam cleaned the living room carpet and it looks awesome!
Low- It is going to be hard to keep it that way, with 3 kids and a cat.

High- Oreo (our dog) is going a lot better after his injury awhile back.
Low- He now does not want to go outside anymore because he is scared!

High- I have gotten a slew of coupons in the mail lately, to my favorite stores.
Low- They just tempt me to shop and buy more than I need.

High- One of  my purse handles broke this past week, making it un-usable.
Low- I bought myself a new purse with the TJ Maxx giftcard I got for my bday!

High-2 of my highschool friends had babies this past week, and the royal baby was born!
Low- I am not going to have any more babies, so it makes me miss that stage! :(

High-The kids have VBS all week, starting tonight. Arnold and I will get some more time for ourselves while they are there!
Low- The kids will be getting to bed really late for a few days.

High- The band Arnold is in finally got a chance to play at our local cruise-in.
Low- It was a total washout yesterday and they didn't get the chance to play after all! :(

High- Arnold finally got himself a smartphone!
Low- He is now on it more than I am and I am feeling neglected. Haha! ;)

High- It is now less than 5 months until Christmas!!
Low- Life is going to be very cold and very expensive soon!

High- I have this awesome new blog design!!!!
Low- There isn't one-- I love it!! :) :)

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