Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend in Review

This past weekend, my mom and dad wanted to take the kids to the zoo. They had never been, and so they were very excited about it. They said they wanted to make it a trip, take them to the zoo and then spend the night at a nearby hotel. Mom and dad said they had a wonderful time.. they had to rent a stroller for Rachel since it was so much walking. Rachel hasn't been in one in forever but it was just too much. They said they asked why the baboons had red butts.. those are my kids.. I am so proud.. ha! Rachel said she loved the giraffes and elephants. And Brooke said she loved seeing the polar bear. I think Caleb like everything. Mom said later she asked Rachel which one was her fave, and if she could pick just ONE to take home, which would it be? And Rachel said "I wouldn't take any Grandma! They would miss their families and be sad!" Isn't that the sweetest? Made me tear up when I heard it! After the zoo trip they went back to the hotel and spent 45 minutes in the big jacuzzi tub, just playing. They love the jets. Then they got in their pjs and ate pizza for dinner that my dad had delivered. I heard they were all exhausted at the end of the day, especially my parents. Well maybe now they see what I deal with all day.. ha! ;)
So Arnold and I took this as the perfect opportunity to go do something together since we wouldn't have the kids! Arnold got off work around lunchtime and we decided to go out of town to Charlotte. Somewhere different.. just to get away. We were wanting to go to Ikea for the very first time, but we got lost and it ended up not being worth it that late in the day. So we just went to Concord Mills instead. We did some shopping.. probably too much, but it was fun! They had great deals on all their Summer clothes for kids! We stopped by the Lego store and took lots of pics for Caleb.. we know we will have to take him back sometime, for sure. We also went to the big bookstore and I bought 3 books.. I was going to get more but was trying to control myself! Arnold wasn't going to buy anymore but then he saw an Eric Clapton book sitting out on a table.. so guess what else came home with us?! At least this time he didn't come home with $15 worth of jellybeans from the candy store (true story! ;) We did stop by and get some dippin dots though.. they are way over-priced but so, so yummy! (I love the texture, ha!)
After awhile Arnold said we should probably stop spending money. So we went to the movies. We went to the theater they have in the mall. It was pretty nice, and not too crowded for a weekend. I really wanted to see Grown Ups 2 (Adam Sandler is my man) but we had just missed it, so we went to see "The Heat" instead. I had heard that was really good, and I love Melissa M. anyway. So.. the movie was hilarious.. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. They did cuss a LOT but if you can get past that, it will be ok. Particularly the F word ;) Arnold rolled his eyes at me alot, but I think he enjoyed it, too. I didn't know it would be QUITE so violent.. there are a few scenes that really made me jump. But overall I am glad we went to see it! After we got out it was getting pretty late, so we went to dinner. We don't go to Red Lobster often since its pretty expensive, but we splurged on our special day. I got grilled shrimp and crab legs. I LOVE me some crab legs. I think I embarssed myself a bit while trying to get them open.. but it was worth it. It is a lot of work but worth every delicious bite! Then Arnold and I drove back home, it was about 9pm or so by then. Imagine us driving home the road, in his little car, in the dark, belting out country songs together. haha! The ride home was actually one of my favorite parts of the night!!! :)
Saturday morning we woke up to some NASTY storms. I knew it was supposed to rain, but had NO idea it was going to be that bad. Arnold was up pacing alot.. he does not care for storms at all. I was trying to sleep but couldn't with all the thunder and the weather notifications going off on Arnold's phone! So we talked some and watched it lightning outside our window. We ended up having a flooded front yard. We were very lucky though, a lot of people we know lost power, had worse flooding, and couldn't even get out of their driveways. There were areas that had trees down, bridges down, and worse. There was a state of emergency for the area.. it was scary!!! So I spent a lot of the morning making calls and texts to family and friends seeing if everyone was ok!
Later that morning mom and dad brought the kids home. They hadn't had lunch yet, so we went up the road to a local diner place that Brooke loves. I had a late breakfast.. they have the biggest pancakes ever and they are GOOD! Then since it was still rainy we rented a few movies for the kids and went back home. We rented Ivan the Incredible and Brave for them to watch. Arnold and I mostly laid around and read.
Sunday Arnold had to go outside and mow our grass, because it had gotten unbearably tall. It was crazy. Then we went to lunch and went to Walmart to get some things we needed for our pets. That afternoon we decided to start on a project we had talked about doing this summer. Brooke has wanted a new room forever. Specifically she wanted it green and pink. So we started priming the walls. I have actually never painted before... so Arnold let me have a go at it. It was pretty fun! haha ;) We had a lot of work to do because those crazy kids had drawn all over the walls (its been a long time since we painted in there!) There were even marks on the ceiling. Arnold says he never should have gotten them that bunk bed! Anyway, we have a long way to go, but its getting there.
That night we took the kids to a friend's church for VBS. They have gone before and LOVED it, so we knew we'd take them back. They had a dinner for the kids and then they went off to their classes. Arnold and I had another 2 free hours to ourselves! Its funny because it feels like we go most of the year dying to have a date and then lots of things come up in summer all at once and we get lots of time to ourselves, and actually get kind of burnt out because we run out of stuff to do ;) We went to Target and I bought some curtains for the girls' room. They were pink and actually on clearance, so yay! I also got some bins for toys.. I am going to label them and finally get organized! We have too much crap everywhere in our house! I found some other things too.. I get into way too much trouble everytime I go into Target ;)
I hope everyone had a great weekend! :) 
I got up early and Rachel stole my spot in bed!

Had to share this pic. At the bank paying off our van. Finally! They were doing the happy dance! This has become one of my fave pics of all time! :)

My dinner on Friday night. It was a lot of food. And SO yummy!

Arnold's big ol beer. I don't drink, but he said it was good!

At Dos Amigos on Sunday

Playing dressup on a rainy day. With costumes Grandma found for cheap!

At Granny's Kitchen, a local diner.

Working on the girls' room. It still needs a LOT of work!

The girls at VBS Sunday night with their friend Kenzie :)

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