Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend in Review

I don't think I sat down for 2 seconds this entire weekend. It was jam-packed full of stuff to do. But I had an awesome time!

Friday morning the kids and I met my mom over at the mall. We decided to start on school shopping for the kids. I'm glad mom went with me because there is no way I could have taken 3 kids to the mall and tried on clothes with them and kept my cool. Mom took Caleb to pick out all his stuff and I took the girls to pick their stuff out. We ended up with some new outfits and their lunchboxes for this year. Mom bought some extra outfits for Brooke, for her bday coming up. And Caleb picked out a wallet.. he wanted to have something to carry around his money in.. I thought that was funny! Thankfully they had sent me a coupon in my email so it took a little of the shock away at the register.. but just to warn you people with very young babies/kids.. buying school stuff is expensive! We haven't even gotten their official supply lists from school yet.. there will be plenty more shopping to do!

After shopping we headed over to Geppetto's for lunch. I hadn't been back there in years. We went to the same one in the town I grew up in, and used to go to with friends and dates when I got older. Memories came back for sure! They had a pizza buffet and it was so good. Brooke was hilarious.. she went to the buffet herself to get some food and came back with a big pile of marinara sauce. I wasn't paying attention and she started eating it by the spoonful, then said YUCK! This isn't strawberry applesauce! Haha! I was dying laughing. Poor girl. Then I showed her what it was, and to put her breadstick in it, and after that she was good ;) 

After lunch we went across the street to the movies. Since the kids had already seen the two big kids' movies of the summer (Monsters University and Despicable Me 2) we saw "Turbo." It was about a snail who raced.. yeah it was kind of cute but I wasn't really digging it as much as the other movies we had seen this year! I think Caleb liked it best, since he is a boy and they seem to naturally like cars and racing. Brooke laid her head on my shoulder for most of the movie.. but I think she had a good time. After the movies the kids went home with my mom to spend the night since I was going out with Arnold.

That afternoon the band Arnold is in headed down to Charlotte for a gig. That is the furthest away they have ever played. Their drummer lives down there and got them the gig. A lot of the wives went too, so I went along. It took us an hour and a half, almost 2 with traffic to get down there. The band set up all their stuff then we went down the road to try to find something to eat. It was funny because no one really knew where they were going and we couldn't find anywhere to eat. Everyone was starving so we just pulled over to some random seafood place, hoping it was good. We had to wait FOREVER on the food, but at least it was pretty good! I got grilled shrimp.. and they brought out plenty of hushpuppies for everyone.. yum! We headed back to the bar after that and the band played from 9:30 till midnight. They had a..... interesting crowd.. to say the least. I watched a drunk guy come over and hit on all of us band wives, a man switch dancing between 3 different women while there, a woman get into a fight with some guy, numerous people bump and grind together and lots of other stuff. I just had to roll my eyes and laugh at some of it! Quite the entertainment. But the band sounded GOOD.. and I'm not just saying that because I am a wife. I have been to a LOT of their shows and they did a great job. Even with all the craziness going on, I had a great time :) 

We didn't get home and to bed until nearly 3am, so we literally hit the bed and fell asleep right away. We only got about 5 hrs of sleep before we got up at 8am, and that is NOT enough for me. I need at least 7 or 8 hours. I have loved my sleep ever since I was a kid.. anyone who knows me well knows that! We had to get ready and then we headed out to mom and dad's to pick up the kids. And if we weren't already crazy enough for the night before, we decided to take the kids to TWO birthday parties that day. The first one was at a park for a friend from church. The kids got to run around on the playground. We also went walking around a little bit in the woods.. which was not a smart idea because we were all wearing bad shoes for it. We had almost made it through and back to the park when a SNAKE fell out of the tree just ahead of us. Arnold started screaming (poor guy, just can't handle his snakes or bugs ;) And he told the kids to run ahead on the bridge. Right after that the snake started getting attacked by a bird and he said I was safe to go down the hill. So he helped me down and I started off running and screaming lol.. I do NOT like snakes! But we were all ok.. I faced my fears bigtime that day ;)

After the park we had to go home for awhile because we had gotten so sweaty out there. I had sweat everywhere.. I hate that feeling.. so nasty. For some reason I couldn't find Brooke's bathing suit ANYWHERE.. I think she left it at someone's house. So we stopped by Crazy 8 at the mall to look for a new one. I heard that they were having a good sale, and they were right! I bought a LOT of stuff (more than just that bathing suit I came for, haha) and got some more stuff for the kids this Fall. I told Arnold to get me out of there before I bought even MORE! ;) Then we headed over to Arnold's cousin's house for the 2nd birthday party. Carter was turning 5. The kids were all going to swim, and not 5 minutes after the got in a HUGE storm cloud came rolling in and it started storming and raining. So the party moved to the garage and the kids played, ate cupcakes and pizza, and attacked a sponge bob pinata. 

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. They are doing a series at Christ Church right now called "Great Sex." I know that sounds like a weird subject to talk about at church, but if you think about it, God created sex and it is a good thing (as long as it's between married people! And now I sound like I am lecturing, but you know what I mean! ;) Anyway, the series covers stuff like purity, why porn is not good, how far is too far, how to have meaningful intimacy in your marriage. etc. Sunday was about the differences between men and women, and how they feel and react to things. Even though it sounds pretty simple, it was a great reminder. And our pastor is HILARIOUS so I was laughing so much I was dying in there.. and I think at one point I was turning red. But I think the message got across, because at one point he talked about how women need romance all the time, especially helping around the house. And later that evening Arnold rented a rug dr and did the living room carpet for me ;) To be fair, I had been bugging him forever to do that for me.. but it finally got done and I am thrilled! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

Playing at the mall on Friday after school shopping

Dinner at the seafood place before the show

My sexy guitar player at the show ;)

At the birthday party at the park on Saturday morning

Rachel loves to swing, it makes her so happy!

My loves on the bridge at the park. Love this pic!

At Carter's birthday party Saturday afternoon

Getting ready to attack that pinata. Brooke wearing her new polka dotted bathing suit!

All dressed up for church on Sunday. I think Brooke looks so innocent in that dress!

Hubby working hard on the carpet Sunday night! :)

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