Friday, July 5, 2013

My 28th Birthday!

July 1st I turned 28! Since my birthday was on a Monday I spent the weekend before celebrating. Everyone picks on me for making such a big deal out of my birthday, but that is how I was grown up. I guess I will admit it that I was spoiled as a kid-- so I blame my parents!! ;) Ha!

Friday evening I went out to dinner at Ocharley's with some of my best girl friends. This has become a tradition every year. We didn't have a big group this year-- a lot of people were busy or on vacation, etc but it was still a lot of fun. Even my friend Chrissy who had a baby just a few weeks ago showed up, so that made me feel really special ;) My friend Erika brought red, white and blue cupcakes for us to have for dessert too-- yummy! We hung around outside afterwards forever and were talking and trying to decide what we were going to do afterwards. A big storm was rolling in and we got caught in a downpour-- guess we shouldn't have talked so long! ;) Then we ended up going over to Skateland for the rest of the evening! Ha.. we are totally cool ;) We were the oldest ones there and I know all these kids and teenagers were thinking we were crazy, but I didn't care, I was having fun with my girls! However, it had been FOREVER since I had skated, and I was wobbly, so kept going slow to keep from falling on my butt. Kids kept speeding by me and nearly knocking me over.. pretty embarassing! It also hurt my legs and we ended up all sweaty and tired. A good work out I guess-- I am out of shape!! They also surprised me and told the guy it was my birthday and he announced it over the loud speaker. At least the people there didn't know that "Abby" was a 28- year old mom of 3! I could have been anyone! ;)

Saturday Arnold took the kids swimming with some family, and they were gone for hours! It was so nice to have a break to myself for awhile. I cleaned a little around the house, read some blogs, and rested a little while. Then I went up to a local used bookstore and turned in a bunch of books I have read lately for some credit to the store. Made $40-- not too bad! 

That night we went over to my mom and dad's house. Every year mom makes me her homeade lasanga, and that has become a tradition too. This year she also made homeade rice krispie treats for dessert, because that is what I had asked for! She invited over two of my friends from childhood, Chrissy and Jess.. and they came over for dinner with their families. So it was extra special to me this year! It was just like old times.. the girls became comfortable and made themselves at home like they had back when we were in middle and high school. Chrissy brought little Eden over and I held her till my arm literally hurt and then I handed her back over to her daddy! Ha! Mom had sat up the dining room all fancy for us and they watched the kids while the 6 of us sat in there and ate dinner and got a break.. it was a lot of fun. Mom surprised me with a "Wishing Jar" which is something a girl at her work makes. She does oragami and turns strips of paper with "wishes" into orgagami stars and you put them in the jar and it is supposed to be a sentimental thing.. which is right up my alley. All my friends and family wrote wishes for me on paper and I read them before they are being turned into starts.. and I almost cried! I think that was the sweetest idea ever-- and I put my jar on a shelf in my room to remind me of all the love I have from my family and friends! As a bonus, my mom's friend made sets of oragami earrings-- enough for me, the girls, and my friends to all have a pair. They were beautiful! My friends stayed late into the evening and we all sat around the kitchen table talking. It was the best evening ever.. I don't think I had smiled that much in a long time! :)

Monday was my actual birthday. We went out to lunch at Village Inn. Arnold loves their pizza so I know he is glad that is where we ended up ;)  Then we went back to that local bookstore to use my credit. The kids all picked them out some new books.. they were very excited about that. Brooke found 2 more of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books for her collection, so that was a score! I felt overwhelmed because there were SO many books to choose from and I had a lot of credit to use, but I just couldn't make up my mind! So I ended up with 3 new books for now, and I will go back sometime later to use the rest of the credit. I picked "She's come Undone," "The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing" and a spiritual book I can't remember the title of. I can't wait to read them all soon. I JUST finished "Gone Girl" and they were right-- I couldn't put it down! It had so many twists and I didn't like the ending, but it definitely kept my interest! A great pick for a birthday present for myself, if I do say so ;)

After the store we went to Arnold's parents' house to visit. They gave me my birthday present.. which included a Chili's giftcard! So guess where we went that night?? Yep. They were going to watch the kids for us so we could go on a date, but they couldn't that night, so we just decided to take the whole family with us. With it being a Mon night it wasn't too crowded and we didn't even have a wait. We had a lot of fun. We picked up a cake on the way.. chocolate with chocolate icing.. my favorite! And writing in green icing.. my fave color ;) When I had gone to the bathroom, the waitress had asked Arnold if he wanted them to all come out and sing to me, and he said they'd probably better not since I get embarassed easily and it would probably effect her tip! ha! Needless to say, they didn't come out and sing ;) The waitress was really nice and even ended up writing me a Happy Birthday message on my bill :) And yes, she got a good tip from me! ;)

I had an awesome birthday! I think everyone set the bar really high for next year! ;)

At Target picking out my new phone! My first ever smartphone. Arnold called it a "present" but I was going to get it anyway. It took forever to figure out how to use it! But I like it now ;)

At Ocharleys with my girls! Right before the storm blew in!

Us eating dinner. I didn't notice till later that the guy in the background was photo bombing, ha! ;)

My friend Joanne got me this Duck Dynasty shirt! Isn't it cute?!

I got myself some new bedding at Target.. figured as good a time as any! Loved the colors ;)

At Skateland after dinner. We had fun but I was soo tired afterwards!

Snuggling baby Eden Saturday night at Mom and Dad's. She is a sweetheart!

Me with Jess and Chrissy! Love these girls so much!

Dad watching the kids in the living room while we ate in the dining room.

Mom getting ready to cut into my rice krispie treats! yummy!

Out to eat at Village Inn on my actual Birthday.

Outside the bookstore with our new picks! ;)

At Chili's with my yummy birthday cake!

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  1. What a great birthday! Wow! Fabulous way to bring in your new year!

    Happy birthday!

    Green is my favorite color too! Your cake looks amazing!