Monday, September 9, 2013

This Weekend I...


...won a contest my friend had. She paints pictures and murals for kids' rooms. I won a painting that I am going to put in the kids' room! Can't wait to put it up in there!
...went to the urgent care. I had this big rash show up on my leg and some weird-looking purple spots. It really scared me. Thankfully it was just an allergic reaction to something, and not more serious.
...took the kids to a nearby park to play after school. They got to run off some energy, and I got to read some of my book, so it was win-win. It wasn't crowded at all (probably because it was so hot!)
...ordered my dad's birthday presents. I made a photobook for him online of several pics of the kids from this summer, their bdays, and back-to-school. It turned out great.. and I can't wait for him to see it! I also ordered the new book out from Si from Duck Dynasty.. should be funny :)
...took tons of pics with the new camera Arnold surprised me with! It's my very first DSLR.. a Canon Rebel. I have a lot to learn, and might even take a class, but right now I'm having fun with it. It takes stunning photos!
...went to Brooke's 1st football game of the season. She cheers for the school. She looked so cute in her uniform.. and I had my new camera just in time to get pics!! AND the team won the game! the van stuck in a ditch.. yeah, only me. I was trying to park at the school and went up a hill, I really thought I could make it. Thankfully Arnold was there to get me out. Although it was embarassing because people were watching!
...took the kids to a birthday party for a friends' daughter, at the bowling alley. They all got to play a game of bowling together. Then they went back to the party room and had lunch and cupcakes. Then  they watched Camryn open up all her gifts. And yes, I took pictures with my new camera AGAIN! my new magazines that came in the mail. I don't know how it worked out that way.. but I had 4 issues of magazines I subscribe to show up all on the same day!
...worked in the baby class at church.. it was my week. We had 9 babies/toddlers, so it was a full house! One of the babies was clingy and made me hold her the whole time, but I didn't really mind ;)
...did grocery shopping at Walmart, all alone. Which was nice since I didn't hear whining the whole time or have stuff thrown in my cart I didn't need.
...helped Brooke catch up on lots of homework she didn't finish at school this past week. She had to bring it home over the weekend. She is really struggling staying on task :(
...brought a few new cutesy things into the house for fall.. kitchen towels and a tart warmer.. all owls of course ;)
...fell asleep early Sunday evening.. with Sheldon snoozing away beside me :)
 Caleb playing with legos. I love the clarity with my new camera!

Brooke ready to cheer at her first football game of the season.

Brooke with her Paw.. he came to see her cheer.

Camryn opening up gifts at her party.. and all the girls watching :)

Some of the Moms at the party.. my friends Erika, Crystin, and Amy

Rachel snuggling with her buddy :)

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