Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's Been Going On...

Saturday I went with my friend Jess to some consignment sales and yardsales. It was half off day at the consignment sale, and I found some cute pants, puzzles, movies and other things for really cheap! I also scored at yardsales, finding some clothes for Rachel (including a 50 cent christmas dress!), some books for the kids, and a spiderman car for Caleb. Most of all though, it was fun to hang out with Jess :)
-My Father-in-law celebrated his birthday recently, so we took him out to lunch after church on Sunday. We went to Longhorn, and it was yummy! He has all his grandkids there, and I know he was loving that! I had the kids make homeade cards for them, they loved drawing him pictures :)
-I watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad with Arnold. He had been begging me to try it forever. Some of it really bothered me, but I will admit that it is a really good show! I hope to try some more.
-Arnold has had several band practices all week, gearing up for a festival they are playing this Saturday. We can't wait to go see the band and eat some yummy BBQ for a good cause!
-Brooke's cheer team had their pictures done Tuesday night. We showed up at practice without her uniform on, freaked out, and ran back home to change. Then it turns out we waited in line for an hour to get the pictures taken, so we didn't have to hurry after all!
-Netflix added Season 2 of Call the Midwives! So now I get to catch up!!
-I have really been enjoying the cooler weather we have been having lately. Yesterday I got to wear my new fall jacket finally, that my mom had gotten me for my birthday. Brooke also wore her super stylish bluejean jacket yesterday and today.. she is looking cute!
-The bookfair came to the school this week! I took the kids one afternoon after school and let them all pick out a book, and I picked out more for their collections. I wanted to buy LOTS more, believe me, but I didn't want to hear it from Arnold! ;)
-Brooke is going on her first fieldtrip of the year today, with her class. They went to an apple orchard. They make their own apple tshirts in class to wear on the trip. I think she is most excited about the treats they have there-- apple cider and candy apples, and stuff they can buy :p
-Brooke had her 7 year appt this week. Caleb has his 6 year appt on Friday. And even Sheldon had his 3 month checkup this week! It has been a busy week, needless to say! More about those visits in another blog! :)
-My friend Karen (who was also my college roomate), had her baby boy this morning! It is her first, and I am so just so excited for her! I hate that they live so far away.. but I hope to plan a visit next month to go see them! I can't wait to cuddle little Mason! :)
-Tonight, Big Bang Theory, Glee, and Grey's Anatomy return to tv! I have been waiting all summer for this! I am so excited to see what happens. They have been posting pictures and teasers forever on facebook! Is it sad I am this excited about it?! 
And here are some pictures from the week.
Rachel with her Leopard she took for show and tell at school.

I set up my fall mantel. The cute pumpkins were actually from the Target dollar spot!

The kids wearing their new Pjs! One of my new favorite pics of them!

Tried to get a cute pic at Walmart-- but that was a big fail! ha!

At Longhorn celebrating Pop's birthday!
Arnold and his Pop! Do you think they look alike???

Ready for school on a cool morning

Playing with friends in line, waiting for cheer pictures

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