Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This Weekend I...

...went to get my nails done with my friend Erika. We were supposed to go have a fun day on the first day of school, but I was crying too hard and we decided to wait :) While I was there I also got my eyebrows waxed and my lip (first time for that lol) and felt like a whole new woman! ;)
...also went to lunch with Erika after that. We went to a chinese buffet. It was weird to be able to sit down to lunch and not have huge messes on the table or hear kids whining.
...spent some time browsing in Petsmart. So many treats for puppies.. I loved looking at it all. I picked him up some training pads, peanut butter treats, toys, and coconut scented dog shampoo. They had tiny halloween costumes-- cutest thing I'd ever seen-- especially the cowboy one! :)
...had some yumminess at Dunkin Donuts. They have the best sweet tea!
...hit the jackpot at some yardsales. I'm glad we went out.. we almost didn't. It looked like slim pickings but I was amazed at what I found. I found the last two books for Brookes "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. We found a lego table.. we were actually JUST talking about getting one for the kids for Christmas and they are around $100 or more new so that was GOOD timing! We also found some dressup outfits and some random toys and books. It was a thrill ;)
...took a really long nap. My sinuses were acting up BADLY this weekend. No fun :(
...visited my Father-in-law to see how he is doing after his surgery. He is feeling a lot better and already up and around pretty good. Thanks to everyone who prayed for him!
...worked in the baby/toddler classroom at church. We only had 4 kids this weekend and they were all so sweet. We had snacks, colored pictures, and I read a huge pile of books to them. The reading is always my favorite part ;)
...watched "Vegas Vacation" with Arnold after the kids went to bed one night. My fave Chevy Chase movie :) We were flipping thru movies on Amazon video and saw it. It always makes me laugh... especially the "dam tour" part. Also brings back memories of family vacations growing up ;)
...made dr appointments for Brooke and Caleb, to get their checkups for school. We had to wait so long since their bdays aren't until August.
...went to mom and dad's house for dinner. Dad made "low country boil" and it was sooo good. My fave thing he makes. Mom also made homeade rice krispie treats for dessert. I don't think the kids wanted to leave their house ;)
...bought the new Matchbox 20 cd, called "North." It went down in price on Amazon and I had it in my cart, so went ahead and got it. Should be here tomorrow!
...took the kids to the fair. FINALLY! With everything we had going on, and the rain we had this weekend, I didn't know if we'd make it. It is crazy how it only takes an hour and a half to blow $100 and be sweaty to the point you cant take it anymore. I rode the ferris wheel with Brooke-- Caleb and Rachel were too scared to go up that high. We ALL did the tilt-a-whirl and it made me so dizzy I couldn't walk, and made Arnold sick. So we remembered then why we don't do this stuff often anymore ;) And of course we had the typical fair food like sno cones, cotton candy, and funnel cake. I think we all had stomach aches last night!
My nails.. I love the purple shade I chose. And the girl drew a pretty design on two of my nails. I was amazed at how she could draw something so tiny.

Lunch with Erika. Pretty unhealthy and greasy.. but yummy!

My new hair! You can't really tell it, but I promise there is red in there! And I love the stacked bob.. it makes my hair more bouncy and lively lol.

The kids playing with the legos on their new table.

The low country boil Saturday night. My dad made fun of me for taking a picture of it.

Kids with their daddy at the fair. Brooke's face was b/c the sun was in her eyes!

Sheldon just lounging around. He is our new puppy! More on that later... ;)

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  1. What a fun weekend! Loving your nails!

    I'm completely craving Chinese food now!

    Your new puppy is adorable!