Friday, September 20, 2013


My pastor challenged us this past week in Life Group to come up with a list of Blessings, so here is a list of things I am thankful for. A lot of them are recent, so it makes it more personal :)

1. Got to have lunch with the kids at school this past week

2. Joined an online lifegroup that meets on Wednesdays at noon. We chat online and discuss things and make prayer requests, and I don't even have to leave. I have already met some awesome people!

3. Got to do the grocery shopping alone this week.. it's the little things.

4. Reading a Beth Moore book called "So Long Insecurity," and it is really helping my perspective on things. I have always struggled with insecurity and I wish I didn't.

5. We were able to get new front tires on our van this week, and an alignment. It needed it so badly. It drives so much better now!

6. Arnold was able to hang a storm door at our house this past weekend. And the most awesome part is that it was given to us by a family friend who didn't need it. It is beautiful and now we have more protection on our door.

7. The temps are getting cooler and makes me love spending more time outside now.

8. It may sound silly, but all my shows return next week! I am especially excited about seeing what happens on the start of Grey's Anatomy. And Glee do a Beatles theme. Although I will be missing Finn very much this season! :(

9. It is less than 100 days til Christmas!! I LOVE me some Christmas.. you have no idea!

10. Speaking of Christmas, I was able to go to Toys R Us last night and do our layaway for the kids' big Santa gifts this year. It is taken care of now, first payment is made, and they are storing the stuff until mid-Decemeber for us!

11. I posted this on FB, but it now marks 10 years that my Mom has been a survivor of breast cancer! I am so very thankful to still have her around and healthy. She is an amazing woman!

12. School supplies went 70 percent off at Target recently, and I was able to get really, really cheap pencils, erasers, paper, etc for the kids. Once again, it's the little things!

13. I am loving my new camera and able to take MUCH more beautiful, crisp pictures of the kids now. I am still learning, but it is so fun!

14. My cousin has been married 2 years, as of this week! 2 years ago we were in Charleston for her beautiful wedding!

15. Both my Dad and my Father-in-law celebrate their birthdays this month. (I won't mention how old they are ;)

16. The BOOK FAIR comes to school next week. You haven't seen excited until you've seen me at a book fair. I could spend so much money there. But Arnold cuts me off after so many books :( LOL!

17. I get to spend some time with one of my best friends tomorrow!

18. My kids have the best grandparents in the world. They are all involved in their lives. They make sure they have fun experiences. Couldn't ask for anything better.

19. They put out their Halloween sugar cookies at the grocery store, so the kids and I made some for an after-school snack the other day :) Yum!

20. All 3 of the kids seem to be adjusting to school very well. Their teachers are wonderful. Brooke's teacher is helping her get the help she needs with her possible ADHD.

21. Sheldon is fitting in very nicely at the house :) He and Max play and fight like brothers. The kids come straight home and play with him every day after school. He is spoiled!

22. This month marks 8 years since I met Arnold. Can't believe it's been that long. He is an amazing man and works so hard for our family! Love you honey!

23. I have some awesome friends. They are so fun to be with, and are always there for me. They have helped me through some pretty tough times also!

24. My recent blood test came back ok. Turns out the rash I had was an allergic reaction to something and not something more serious. Thankful for that!

25. It is the WEEKEND! Ready to have some fun and spend some time with my sweet family! :)


  1. Is the online lifegroup through your church, or something you found online? I would love to join something like that- but it would have to be an evening group. Let me know. Thanks- and great list of blessings, sounds like a very good week!

  2. You've had a blessed week! :)
    I'm excited about the online life group,also!