Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Weekend I...

...went to a yardsale at my old highschool. Caleb found 2 books. We ended up buying stuff at their bakesale.. donuts and brownies.. so that made the kids happy.
...went to a local consignment sale. They were pretty much picked over, but I did find a few things. They had a nice Barbie jet toy we were going to let Brooke get but she was really misbehaving that morning.. so we passed on it.
...put a new fall tablecloth and placemats on my kitchen table. And filled a jar full of candy corn pumpkins. Love this time of year!
...rented Scary Movie 5 and watched it with Arnold. It was the DUMBEST movie I have ever seen, haha. It wasn't really even worth the $1.28 we spent on it. But at least we were spending time together, right?? :)
...read the new book out by SI from Duck Dynasty. Quick read but really funny and it "sounded" just like him talking throughout the book. Now I can't wait to read Phil's book!
...went out to lunch with Mom. We went to Ham's. It used to be a tradition for us to take the kids and go to lunch on Fridays since she is off work on Fridays. This was our first lunch without any kids. It was very strange.. and quiet. But nice!
...bought Sheldon a Halloween sweater. I didn't think I'd ever be one of those people who put their dogs in clothes but I totally am! He is adorable in it! He kept messing with it and eventually got it off him.. I don't know if he likes it.. ha.
...went to the 2nd football game for the kids' school.. this time it was an away game. Brooke cheered and the other kids played on the playground. Our team won, so they are now 2-0!
...celebrated the 1st birthday of my friend's son, Gavin. Seems like just yesterday I was at his baby shower and now he is one?! We had a great time at their house.. playing, taking pictures and eating yummy cake!
...got a horrible sunburn! Between the ballgame and bday party, I was outside in the direct sun for several hours, but didn't even notice until I got home and was hurting! At least I have a glow now on my usual pale skin!
...went to dinner with the family to Village Inn (Arnold's favorite). It has become a tradition with us. Although it gets more and more expensive as the kids get older..the buffet prices go up!
...celebrated my dad's birthday. We went to their house Sunday evening for dinner, and they cooked ribs (and chicken tenders for me since I don't eat meat on a bone!) We gave him his present, took pictures, and Brooke even showed off her reading skills to her Grandma. It was a fun evening.

Brooke's Grandma and Pop Pop showed up at her football game to see her cheer!

A little playtime during 3rd quarter break.

Celebrating Gavin's 1st Birthday

Taking silly pics at the outdoor photo set-up

Blowing bubbles outside

Gavin trying out one of his new gifts!

They are twins!

Just a boy and his dog!

Dad looking at the photobook we made him for his bday.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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