Sunday, February 16, 2014


In honor of Valentine's Day, which was this past week, I thought I'd do a post on things that I love. These are more superficial things. Everyone knows my real loves, like Jesus, my husband, the kids, etc etc. This is just a fun post. Lots of pics and stuff from our V-day weekend to come tomorrow! :)

Things I Love.....

~Laying in bed and listening to the rain hit the roof

~Sitting around a table with my friends, and laughing until my stomach hurts

~Finding that awesome bargain while out shopping. Almost too good to be true.

~The part of a book where it gets so good you just can't put it down.

~Changing my desktop background, mantel, and decor on the door for each holiday/occasion.

~Planning out the kids' birthday parties, down to the very tiny details.

~The first few days of Spring, where the weather is just perfect and you don't want to go inside.

~Watching the kids get really excited over something for the first (or 100th) time.

~Getting a compliment out of the blue from someone, and I know they really mean it.

~Finding out a friend just had a new baby and flipping through all their pictures on facebook.

~When the whole house is clean and I can sit back and relax (doesn't happen very often!)

~The smell of Vanilla Lime from Yankee Candle.. either in the van or in a candle.

~Picking out the kids' Easter outfits and coordinating them all by color.

~All the Duck Dynasty hoopla. Yes, I watch every episode. Yes I follow them on Facebook. Yes, I've read all their books. Yes I have about 4 DD tshirts and their Christmas ornaments. No, i'm not at all sorry!

~Going out to eat at Village Inn with friends on Mon nights.. and all the kids eat free!

~Watching Arnold play guitar, and seeing how happy it makes him. I am so proud of his talent.

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