Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday the kids finally went back to school after a few snow days. They were getting pretty bored around here! We had a 2-hr delay, but it was better than nothing. That evening we made some homeade pizzas and then some cookies for dessert, it was a lot of fun. That night Arnold and I watched "Bad Grandpa." Wow.. stupid, stupid movie. I know, what do you expect with Johnny Knoxville, right? (but he is totally cute when not all made up to look like an old man ;) Arnold says he can't believe we spent time watching that movie, and I have to agree! Anyone have a suggestion for the next movie we rent so we won't regret it?? Ha!
Saturday morning I got up early (I know, crazy right?!) and met Joanne for some girl time. Arnold was sweet enough to watch the kids while I went. We were able to get some yummy caffeine, and then headed over to the nail salon to get our eyebrows and upper lip waxed (just started the lip thing because the guy said "I needed it.." Talk about embarassing ;) Joanne had never gotten it done before so I let her watch me go beforehand. I warned her it would hurt, but she still seem surprised and about jumped out of the chair! Ha! I always love how my eyebrows look right after I get them waxed.. I wish I could re-create the look at home, but I just can't seem to. And of course they pestered us to get our nails done too while we were in there, but we didn't have that planned so we just went on our way. We went up to Goodwill, because I like to treasure hunt every week.. I always find some great stuff. This week I found no books for myself, but found a few really good ones for the kids. I love when you find nice, hardback books for kids and can get them for only 50 cents there. Then we headed over to Kohl's to look around. I found Rachel a cute outfit that said "Sweet Like Mommy." Well it's TRUE, isn't it?! ;)
Around lunchtime Joanne had to go back home (boo) so I told Arnold and the kids to just go ahead and meet me in Hickory and we could have lunch together. We went back to PDQ again, which I still don't think is worth the money, but its ok. I tried a chicken sandwich this time around. It was good.. but it's no Chick Fila! ;) Then we headed over to the mall. We dropped our van off at the Sears Auto Center because it was waaaay overdue for an oil change. And we walked around the mall while we were waiting on it. I went to Gymboree to use my Gymbucks. I bought Brooke a GORGEOUS outfit that I plan to use somehow in future pictures, and Rachel's swimsuit for this summer (we don't go swimming often so she usually doesn't need several but she will probably get a few more anyway) And a few other outfits.. I was pretty happy with what I found. I also looked around Kirklands.. and surprised myself by resisting soo many things.. they have the CUTEST owl things right now, and everyone knows how I am with my owls ;) Finally the van was done, and thank goodness, because Rachel was starting to do some serious whining about too much walking. We had a bunch of points built up on our Sears/Kmart rewards card, and we were going to use it to pay for our oil change, but something was screwed up and we couldn't use it! Well dangit.. oh well, I'm sure there will still be something I can find to buy in the future.
On the way home we went by Mcdonalds to get some icecream. Dipped cones, to be exact. I know the workers there hated us, because we asked for 4 of them.. and it is very difficult to make those things.. I have watched them do it and they nearly cuss every time, haha. But they are sooo yummy. And they don't make them at the Mcdonalds near our house (why?!) so I like to get them sometimes when we are out doing something else. That evening after the kids went to bed that night, I did some reading. I have gotten hooked on Karen Kingsbury, and am currently reading her "Bailey Flannigan" series. I actually have just finished my 9th book so far this year, I am on a roll! I wonder if I can keep up with it this year and beat my record? We will see...
Sunday morning we went to church early because It was my week to work in the baby class. We waited.. and waited.. and none of my babies came! That really shocked me because we usually have at least one, but usually several little ones! I was a little bummed out, because I look foward to my time with those cuties. Since no one showed up, I went to service with Arnold. They are doing a series called "Trading Spaces," and I think it is awesome, because the messages are on getting people to see things from another perspective. This week it was about being a big spender.. and last week it had been about being a saver. Our pastor talked about how being extreme either way isn't healthy. And spending money isn't a sin, but knowing what you are supposed to do financially and NOT doing it, is a sin. That part really stuck with me. I realize that we aren't always the best about doing what we know we should, but we need to trust God with our finances, because he will always provide, and always show a way, even when things are rough. He has proven that so many times to us before, and I am always amazed at how things work out. We have been blessed.
Sunday evening we went over to Mom and Dad's to watch the Superbowl. My dad is a huge sports fan, and I grew up having to watch it with him, and now just hearing a ball game in the background makes me calm down and feel warm and fuzzy about being a kid again, haha ;) I am not huge on sports, but I enjoy it somewhat, especially big games like this. So I decided to go for the Broncos (mostly because that is the team most people I knew were going for ;) And sooo I know now that was a bad choice! I was amazed at how the game went... not very well at all for our Broncos! But we had a great time anyway, hanging out with family. Mom made lots of yummy snacks and treats for us to munch on. I was really excited for the commercials, but they didn't seem as good to me this year as in the past. Was anyone else disappointed? I kept waiting around just to see John Stamos and the other Full House guys in their yogurt commercial ;) We ended up staying late and when I told the kids it was time to go home, Rachel actually got mad at me. In her words "But I WASN'T done watching the movie with Grandma!" (They had moved to another room to cuddle and watch Disney!) Well excuse me! And just like expected, they were super tired the next morning and dragging while getting ready for school. But every once in awhile its ok to let them stay up late ;)
Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well! :)

Caleb eating some snacks at Mom and Dad's.

Bacon and Beer.. makes a man happy ;)

Ready to cheer for the Broncos. Even wore orange and blue!

Joanne and I after we got our eyebrows done :)

The bathing suit I got Rachel at Gymboree. Isn't it ADORABLE?! I fell in love with it and knew she just had to have it! ;)

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