Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~Brooke had her first meeting of American Heritage Girls monday evening. She said she had a great time. They learned a lot about the history of the organization, and made a craft. They are already starting to work on their first badge. While she was there, I went out to dinner at El Paso with Chasity and Amelia (her friend's moms that are also in the group.) Arnold and the kids were with us too, and I think they didn't know what to think being at a dinner-turned-girls' night! ;) It may just have to become a tradition of us going out to dinner while the girls are at their meetings!

I ordered this dachshund shirt the other day! I blame the impulse buy on my friend Lauryn, she sent me the link about it. It was a special for the day, and part of the proceeds go to dachshund rescue, so that is awesome right?! They had different color choices and of course i had to go with green! I love it and can't wait for it to get here. I may even wear it on St. Patty's Day since the color works ;)

I went shopping at the Christian Bookstore yesterday, and had a funny experience. I was paying the girl for my stuff, and I used cash.. which I usually don't do, but I had some this week. She pulled out the $5 in my pile and asked "Umm is this real?!" And then I realized what I had done! I had given her one of the bills from the kids' play cash register! It had been mixed in with my real money! I was embarassed, but I think she got a kick out of it! I wasn't trying to cheat anyone.. promise! ;)

Speaking of the bookstore, while I was there I picked up 3 new books. They were having a President's Day sale. I picked up this new book, by Candace Cameron Bure, and yes, she was DJ Tanner on Full House! She is a Christian, and a Mom, and has started writing books. One about losing weight and getting healthy, and this one more about parenting and staying organized. I have started reading it already and it is pretty good!

Rachel's friend Elia recently was hospitalized for severe throwing up, diahrrea, and kidney problems. It came out of nowhere and everyone was scared. She had every test done under the sun. She ended up being there over THREE weeks. Poor girl. Well yesterday she got to go HOME!! Isn't that amazing? I know they were So ready to get home! And as you can see, she is smiling away and their vehicle is full of all the get-well presents she got while she was there! 

Last night we went back to the Blue Moon Tavern to see Arnold play music. This time he played with the owner of the band and one of his friends.. they did some Blue's stuff. Arnold felt really proud because they had invited him back, and even advertised that he would be there on their Facebook page. The kids and I went to have dinner there and sat with Arnold's parents. The owner ended up taking care of our tab.. that was so sweet of him! Perks of being a musician's wife??? ;) We had a great time.. we only stayed for a little while since I had to put the kids to bed. Arnold will probably be going back again in the near future!

Our new vacuum showed up. We decided on the Shark Navigator. We decided to go mid-range on type and price. It is pretty awesome! When it showed up Arnold was at work, so I put it together by myself by looking at the picture (I was proud, haha!) and tried it out right away. It has a LOT of power. I swear it feels like it is almost running away from you and you have to have a good handle on it. It gets up a LOT! I was shocked at how much stuff was in the pull-off container.. pretty gross actually! It also has a lift-away part so you can use it in other places like along upper baseboards and fans! I'd say it was a good purchase!

~Max our cat has finally been neutered, and he is doing very well. The hardest part of the whole ordeal I think was getting him into his kitty carrier! He hated that! They took very good care of them there.. and he stayed over night and we picked him back up the next day. I hope this cuts down on him trying to pee on stuff other than his litter box! He can be soo frustrating sometimes!

~The past few days have been awesome weather! The temps have been in the mid to upper 60s and it feels like Spring! Today is rainy and stormy, but it is still warm, so I will take it!

~We finally got Brooke to the dentist to get her crown put back on. I had misplaced the one that fell off, so they put a new one on. While we were there, they also put on some spacers she had needed. They said that our insurance covered it all and we left without having to pay anything! It was a miracle, because we have spent some SERIOUS dough at that place!

~I have an interview tomorrow afternoon! I am working with a staffing center, and hoping to get hired on somewhere very soon! I have been looking for awhile and it has been a tough process. I am ready to get moving forward! So everyone wish me luck!!! 

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