Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday


~The books I ordered from Barnes and Noble with the giftcard Arnold gave me, should be here today or tomorrow! I ended up ordering "The First Phonecall from Heaven" which was on my list to read, and two books that were on sale that sounded good, and a book on Dave Matthews (Love DMB! Thought it would be interesting.)
~Caleb got 102 on his latest spelling test! He is doing really good in school. His reading test results recently came back also, and he is in the "advanced" category for his age :)
~We are finally getting to take a "real" family vacation!!! Arnold and I had talked about using money this year from his bonus check, and go to the beach. Rachel has never even seen a beach before, and we have been wanting to take the kids for awhile now, but it hasn't worked out. Then my parents surprised us and offered us one of their timeshare weeks, since they have a bunch saved up that they won't be able to use.. so now we get to stay somewhere really nice! We have decided on Surfside Beach in SC, at the end of July. And the resort looks AWESOME. They have an outdoor pool and waterpark right outside the doors, that I know the kids will love. They were out of places with double rooms, so we will have to spend a week of extreme togetherness, but it is worth it! I can't wait to take some nice pics of the kids on the beach, too :) July-- hurry up and get here please!!!! :)
~We plan on taking the kids to see The Lego Movie this Saturday. I think Arnold and I are just as excited as they are ;) I love that they are at the age now where they can actually sit through a movie and we can all enjoy it. We have seen several previews, and it looks really funny.
~The tax money should be hitting our bank account soon! I am very impatient, because I have several things I need/want to do with that money! Our latest plan is to join the gym, which I think I already mentioned. I am going to go ahead and pay for a whole year's membership since we will have the extra money, and it will motivate me more to go!
~We had been talking about MAYBE using some of our tax money to get a flatscreen tv (we still have a small, old-fashioned tv, haha) And it was crazy timing, but our next door neighbors told Arnold the other day that they are getting a new tv and offered us their old one! It is HUGE! The type that will take up a bunch of space and sit on the floor, but we will make it work! I am so excited because now we will have a bigger tv (big screen is always nicer when watching stuff or playing video games) and we are now saving that money and can do something else we had planned with it. How awesome is that?? Those guys were really nice to us! :)

~I love this little fella, he is just the best. Arnold calls him my sidekick, and it is true. Every night when I go into the bedroom and get into bed, he follows me and expects to be put in the bed with me :) I do love it, though. He keeps me company and is a great listener ;)

~Picked these up at the store the other day and baked some Valentine's Day cookies with the kids last night after dinner. My grandma used to make me all the "holiday" cookies every year and I love doing the same thing with my kids :)

~What is that you ask? A man in the kitchen actually doing work?! Yes.. Arnold was sweet enough to do the dishes last night. He actually had a lot of energy yesterday! Hey, I say take full advantage of it! ;) 

~Brooke and her friend, Emma, signed up the other night for The American Heritage Girls! (Their friend Zoey did also, but she didn't want to be in the pic ;) The group is similar to scouting, but Christian-based. The age group the girls are in is called "The Tenderhearts." Reminds me of the Carebears ;) Anyway, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun for them. They will do service projects, earn badges, go on fun trips, and all sorts of things. All while keeping the focus on God and building good character qualities, which is very important to Arnold and I. Brooke is SO excited that two of her best friends are joining with her, I know they will have a lot of fun. Their first meeting is two Mondays from now, and they will be having meetings every other week. 

Sitting around watiting on me to finish the paperwork

Little sissy hung out for awhile too, before Daddy took her and Caleb out for awhile

They gave the girls goody bags when they left.. I thought that was really sweet :)

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