Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's Day this year we were snowed in. Well actually, we had been snowed in for a few days, but the kids were still off school on Friday because you know, we are in the South and everyone freaks out at a little snow! ;) That morning the I had some treats waiting for the kids when they woke up. Yes, I make a big deal over every holiday and occasion, but that is what my mom did with me growing up and I loved it, and I plan to continue with my kids! I love any excuse to give new books anyway, and I find little treats every once in awhile on clearance, so might as well give it to them on a holiday! Anyway, the kids got their stuff, then we dressed them in their Vday outfits. I am bummed that they didn't get to wear them to school, but we still made the most of the day and made them look cute :)

Around 11:00 we headed out to Krispy Kreme, which had opened at a new location near us. This one is much bigger and nicer. We picked up a dozen Vday donuts to take to Arnold and his dad's work, as a little treat. They also gave the kids Krispy Kreme hats while we were there, so they loved that.. although Rachel didn't want to wear her's! Then we went over to Arnold's work and had lunch with him and his dad. The kids loved getting out of the house and getting to see their dad and Paw. And of course chowed down on the donuts, too! 

That evening I dropped the kids off at Mom and Dad's house, and went over to the Blue Moon Tavern.. which is where Arnold and his friend Brian were playing music that night. They started a new acoustic duo, called Kennedy Street, and it was their first time playing out. It was sort of last minute and they said they weren't ready to play out, but I think they did a great job! Several of our family members and friends came out to see him, and we had a lot of fun. We got to eat dinner while we were there, and we even ended up getting our meal for free, so it was awesome! We stayed for a few hours listening to them play, and while they were up there, I sat with Arnold's family, and we chatted some and I took lots of pictures ;) Arnold was really nervous at first, but I think as the night went on he relaxed and had a lot of fun. And he was even invited back to play with the owner of the place on "Blues Night" and maybe for them to come back and play some more in the future. So all in all it was a great night!

Saturday Arnold's parents watched the kids for us so we could go on a date for Valentine's Day, since Arnold was tied up the night before. We headed to lunch at Red Lobster first.. one of my favorite places ever! Arnold was a little hesitant to go back there, because the last time we ate there he got sick. But it wasn't from the food, he got the stomach bug later that day and it was just a coincidence. But he has a hard time warming back up to seafood. Not me though, I wolfed that stuff down.. seafood is one of my favorite foods! Then we went out to do a little shopping. Picked up a new quilt for our bed.. someone *Sheldon, ahem!* tore a hole in our old one. I also bought a cute new eternity scarf.. I have started loving the trend and want to wear them more often. Then we headed over to the mall and I got the kids some stuff at Crazy 8.. they are having some amazing deals, by the way! I tried to use a coupon too, which would have made the deal even sweeter, but it had expired earlier in the month.. oops!

Later that afternoon we went to pick up the kids, and Arnold helped his dad move around some furniture before we left. That afternoon at home I took a nap.. all these weather changes have made my head hurt and I've been sneezing up a storm! Snow one day and 60s the next day.. what is up with that?! That evening we were going to go out to dinner at Ocharley's but they were packed, so we ended up in the drive thru of Chick Fil A (haha). Then we somehow ended up at Walmart, buying random things we needed (and a few things we wanted, haha) and we didn't get out of there until around 9:30pm. The kids were whining and fussing the entire time of we were in the checkout line, and I was ready to scream! But we finally made it home, got them to bed, and got to relax. Arnold ended up falling asleep early on the couch, so I went to bed and watched some tv on my ipad. I have started watching the TLC show "The Little Couple" and I just love it. I love reality shows like that, and I think they are awesome people with very optimistic attitudes. I have only watched a few episodes so far, but I am pretty sucked in.

Sunday we woke up late and didn't make it to church.. oops. But I had been wanting to. We got ready and had some yummy brunch, and then went to look for some clearance Vday plates since Rachel needed to take some in Monday for her school party. We looked everywhere for some, and then it turns out we had it wrong all along and we were supposed to take CUPS! Oh well. We went to TJMaxx and were looking for a stand to put in our bathroom to hold all our stuff (hairspray, towels, etc) but didn't find one I liked. Although while we were there, Arnold got me some of those gourmet oreos I had been wanting, so it wasn't a totally wasted trip ;)

That afternoon we went to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party. My friend's daughter, Kenzie, was turning 4. Rachel considers her her BFF, so she was super excited ;) The kids ate some food, had some cake, then ran off playing lots of games. We actually ended up not staying long, because it was PACKED in there. Ever go there on a weekend?? Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it! I was about to pull my hair out, I was so stressed. We have tokens left over and I plan to take the kids back another day when we are really bored to use them ;) That afternoon when we got home, Arnold had to replace a burned out taillight on our van, and worked some more on the van also, while the kids played outside. The weather was really nice! I am so ready for Spring! Then we worked on writing out Valentine's Day cards to all their friends, and taping on the packs of candy and decorating Rachel's Vday mailbox (yes, we waited til the last minute!!!) They are still having their class parties, just a little late :)

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend!! :)

The kids' Valentine's Day goodies. They all got a new book. Brooke got some Monster High stuff. Caleb got a new little lego set and puzzle. And Rachel got the Valentine's Day mini lalaloopsy and a pink Zelf (they are modern day trolls-- so cute! :) And they all got heart fruit snacks :)

All dressed up in their Vday outfits. Rachel's dress ended up being too big, but it's all good!

The kids had a snack with their heart plates and cups.

At lunch visiting Arnold and the kids' Paw.

Some of the Vday donuts we picked up to take to Arnold's work at lunchtime.

Arnold playing music Friday night at the Blue Moon Tavern.

Arnold and his friend Brian. They have been friend since they were around Rachel's age!

On our date Saturday. They happened to be having Lobster Fest when we went, so I was in heaven!

The kids wearing their new pjs from Crazy 8! AWESOME sale, yall. These pjs were like $5 or so a set!

Wearing the new scarf I got.. I think it's so cute!

Out to brunch on Sunday. Brooke took this picture for us ;)

The kids at Kenzie's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.

Rachel was proud of her Valentine's Day mailbox. She stuck heart stickers all over that thing! :)

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