Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's All Natural (or not!)

Just for fun today :)

Things I'm a Natural At 

~Coming up with really good ideas when I'm in the shower or laying in bed, and then forgetting all about them when I need those ideas again.

~Spelling just about any word you throw at me. I've always had a knack for spelling. Won a few spelling bees when I was in school. Arnold tries to throw crazy words at me and stump me.

~Finding really good deals. I dig deep when I want to. I follow several "deal" websites and blogs. I visit the thrift store about once a week. I shop clearances.. I stack promotions and coupons... You name it. The hunt of it is so much fun!

~Taking pictures and documenting life.. especially of the kids. I wasn't so great at filling out baby books. Thank goodness for blogging and pictures! I love to look back.

~Sleeping (enough said.. I like my sleep.)

~Worrying about everything under the sun. Have since I was a kid. Mom used to worry about ME for worrying. Turns out I have pretty bad anxiety. I have learned to cope, but if there is something for me to worry about.. I probably will!

~Naming a song a few seconds in. I hear the very, very beginning and almost always know what song it is (If I knew the song to begin with.) And don't you hate it when two songs sound very similar, and you think a favorite of your's is about to come on.. then it's a crappy song? Yeah, me too.

~Knowing or being able to guess where a child's clothes came from. I have a slight obsession with kids' clothes. I am not a brand snob at all (can't even really afford to be.) But I appreciate some cute clothes. And so I buy what I love, and between being at all the stores and following blogs.. I know my stuff ;)

~Planning parties to the extreme. Yes all of my kids have had a birthday party for every year of their life. Yes it was big and lots of people came. Yes I planned it out months ahead, and down to the very last little detail. But was it fun, and worth it? You bet!

~Baby soothing. If you need a baby to stop crying, hand it over. I have a way with them. I have a signature rock/chant/voice and I almost always have success. Also fun to get big grins out of the little things :)

~Reading an entire book in one evening. Doesn't happen very often since having kids and I am pretty tired at night.. but it does happen! And then you can be sure that that book was pretty awesome if it kept me from my before mentioned sleep!

~Being a loyal friend. I think this is one of my good qualities. I really like to think of others. Spend time with my friends, do special things for them, listen to their problems. I hope they would say the same :)

Things I am NOT a Natural At

~Making hairbows. Yeah.. I had about 3 different friends try to teach me, and I still can't do it. Mine always fall apart. Which is a shame because with 2 girls I LOVE hairbows. We have billions of them at home.. all bought instead of made, so they are making a killing off of us.

~Cooking. I try.. and I can do enough to survive.. but if you are expecting a fancy gourmet meal, don't come here! Poor Arnold. At least he is a good cook! My friend Jessica says I can mess up Easy Mac :)

~Dancing. I'm white. I'm tall. I'm clumbsy and awkward. These things don't go together. I may bust a move in my own bedroom (that's a sight to see) but won't be doing it in public anytime soon.

~Keeping things straight/organized. Just ask my kids' teachers. Trying to remember a schedule, homework, papers to sign, library books to return, conferences, party stuff, etc for 3 kids is HARD! I am sure there are moms who have 10 kids and can do it 100 times better than me. Can one of you come teach me your method????

~Parallel Parking. To be fair, they never taught us when I took the class. If I am in a situation where I have to, I just park really far away and walk. Yeah....

~Being Fashionable. I want to look cute, and put together.. believe me! I just have a hard time knowing what looks good together! And I am afraid to try new things. I was 28 years old before I ever even had my hair dyed. I feel like I am getting a little better... when I see a cute trend I try to follow it. But basically I am still a big nerd like I always was!

~Sticking to my diet. Yikes. I am currently on one, and this is the best I've ever done (thank goodness!) I have always given up. All it takes is one day of eating something really delicious and saying screw it and I slip back into bad habits. This time I am very, very determined though! I can do this!

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